Bespoke service

At Freya Rose we offer 3 specialist service. When booking please refer to the service you require.


Shoes and Customising

Freya Rose shoes are made from the finest materials and come in a variety of styles and heel heights, with some styles featuring our signature mother of pearl heel. We have a extensive collection of hand made shoe clips, decorations and hand embroidery which can be used to customise the shoes, creating shoes unique to you. Our ivory silk shoes can be dyed to any colour.



Freya Rose shoes are made from Ivory Duchess silk satin, however it is possible to have certain styles made in different materials, including leathers, silk satins and suedes. It may be possible to make a Freya Rose Couture shoe using your own fabric, however we would need to test suitability of the material.

Once the order is placed, our team of skilled artisans will hand make your couture order with the utmost care and attention. A minimum of six weeks is required for the service, although this may vary depending on the time of the season and availability of material. The charge for this service is £100 plus carriage, in addition to the retail price of the style chosen. If a store visit is not convenient our fully trained and helpful sales consultants are also available online or by phone to help you every step of the way.



Clients can have a completely new pattern designed by Freya Rose.  Freya advises that as much information is brought to the consultation as possible. Shoes and heels you like, drawings, materials and colours.  A selection of designs will be drawn up by Freya for the client to select. Up to two fittings may be required and takes 12- 24 weeks.


Prices for a bespoke design by Freya Rose start at £1500.00. For more information about this service please contact one of our expert advisers.