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The Best Block Heels For Wedding Shoes

In search of the perfect block heel wedding shoes? Read on for our expert guide on the best block heel wedding shoes designed by Freya Rose

Whether you will be walking down a beautiful beach or cobbled country roads, block heels are the perfect choice for your special day and onwards. Block heels are notoriously the most comfortable amongst their heeled peers given the extra surface for secure heel support and we have loved seeing larger blocked heels down runways and wedding aisles alike - a wedding shoe trend that came to stay. As weddings over the decades have become all the more exciting, we know how important it is to accommodate to tricky venue terrain and prioritise comfort, ensuring you aren’t worried about being head over heels…for any reason other than love! 

Low Block Heel Sandals 

Shop 'Martina Midi' Here 

If you tend to opt for a lower heeled shoe and would like a traditional style for your special day, our beautiful low-heeled offerings would be ‘Martina Midi’ a classic bridal style with a gorgeous pearl addition. ‘Martina Midi’ is a reinvented style of our popular ‘Martina’ style ; These stunning mother of pearl low block heel sandals can be embellished into a ‘queen’ style, elevating your look for that extra touch of pearled shimmering glitz. 

A modern low-block tie-up sandal like the beautifully crafted wedding shoes ‘Hester’, combines craft and comfort effortlessly. The combination of ivory-leather ties and a gleaming mother of pearl heel is elevated even further with a handcrafted polished brass floral mosaic design. Easy to wear again, the 'Hester' tie-up block heels sandal has ultimate wearability beyond the aisle, honeymoon and every occasion thereafter - the perfect spring/summer bridal style that can be worn all year round.

Chunky Platformed Block Heels  

Shop 'GiGi' Here

Whilst Freya Rose shoes are known amongst our brides to boast ultimate comfort for the long wedding day, given the soft-kid leather lining and special memory foam cushioning - ‘GiGi’ are notoriously known as favourite for a comfortable wedding shoe. Beyond the large block midi heel, these block heels have a chunky block platform heel to ease the arch your foot rests against in these bridal sandals. You will have that necessary boost of height whilst being stylish and comfortable when doing so. 

Shop 'Glory' Here

If you're going to be having a lively reception or wanting to change into a bridal party look, the shoes to match are 'Glory' from our couture collection. Aside from boasting an iconic chunky platformed silhouette, these block heels are handmade in sterling silver and mirrored leather for an ornate shoe that is sure to turn heads. Make sure you end your wonderful day of celebrations without any un-expected discomfort and knowing you can wear these jewelled shoes to joyous occasions to come. 

White Block Heels


Shop 'Zara White' Here

The Zara White block heels are a chic soft white leather slingback for a contemporary design with a white block heel to tie the knot in. This peep toe shoe featuring a stunning Mother of Pearl and Brass Block heel has a handcrafted simple mosaic design that will match with your bridal look easily. Due to the intricate nature of the craftsmanship of the product, there are a limited availability of these pieces, making for a truly unique wedding shoe that we know you will treasure forever. 

Shop 'Jasmine White' Here

'Jasmine White' boots share the same stunning crafted heel as sister shoe 'Zara White' but is instead a bridal boot style. This white leather pointed toe ankle boot has been a firm wedding boot shoe favourite for all types of brides - whether they have had a whimsical winter wedding they needed a closed shoe style for or simply a bride wanting to make a statement and go against the expected on her special day. 

Closed Toe Block Heel 

Shop 'Monica' Here 

Monica is a versatile shoe that embraces traditon whilst pushing the boundaries with a daring sexy cut away side and champagne mirrored leather insole. Part of Freya Rose's acclaimed iconic collection, these closed-toe block heel wedding shoes provide you with a plethora of styles to match with it and is sure to support you every step of the way with its shimmering suede strap and kid-leather interior. Perfectly suited to your wedding day attire or as your everyday ensemble afterwards the mosaic mother of pearl design is a timeless pattern which will never go out of style or clash with your wardrobe. 


Which block heel is your favourite? Let us know x 


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