Wedding Jewellery Trends for 2024

Wedding Jewellery Trends for 2024

As wedding season is fast approaching, our team at Freya Rose took the time to dive into the wedding jewellery trends of this year. Such bridal trends vary from year to year depending on social, cultural, and fashion changes alongside personal preferences within bridal attire, we accumulated our favourite bridal jewellery for our favourite trends this year to show you.

The Aura Of Timeless Pieces

At Freya Rose, we have many timeless re-wearable pieces for our customers to cherish far beyond their wedding day. In the coming times its now often that we see artisans work with designers to combine the old classics with new techniques and looks, giving timeless jewellery a modernised edge for new brides. Our favourite Freya Rose pearl earrings for this has to be our Baroque Pearl Long Drops, they perfectly blend an older classical look with an up to date modern silhouette. 
Baroque Pearl Long Drops - Freya Rose Pearl Earrings

The Beauty In Minimalism

Minimalism had been a trend since long before the 2000s and in recent years brides have been increasingly fond of the ‘less is more’ look within their wedding jewellery ensemble. The minimalistic trend has been growing in recent years within the wedding industry and pearls are perfect for this, they are able to give a subtle yet streamlined look which can elevate any bridal piece. Often pieces such as pearl necklaces are perfect for minimalism such as our Rice Pearl Necklace, they allude elegance yet simplicity. 

The Iconic Statement Pieces

Creating a jewellery statement has always been a favourite bridal trend of ours for brides to indulge in, making a glamorous jewellery statement not only makes you feel good, you also look good from all angles due to its captivation. Our Hand Carved Rose Drops are perfect for making a gorgeous statement with bridal accessories.

A Hint of Colourful Elegance

In the midst of timeless classics and minimalist designs, a subtle element of colour can bring a vibrant energy to any bridal ensemble. At Freya Rose, we recognize the allure of adding a touch of colour to your wedding look. Our Green Quartz Cross Earrings add a simple pop of colour against the backdrop of traditional whites and neutrals. These earrings not only elevate your style but also infuse your bridal attire with a sense of playful sophistication.


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Wedding jewellery trends for 2024 showcase a blend of timeless elegance, minimalist sophistication, and eye-catching statements. Whether brides opt for classic pearls, modern designs, or statement pieces, the key is to choose jewellery that reflects their personal style and complements their wedding attire flawlessly.

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