Dyeing Your Wedding Shoes

Will you wear your wedding shoes again?

Many Brides think that because their wedding shoes are ivory or white they’re not practical for wear again – but don’t forget ladies – the party doesn’t have to be over, your shoes can be dyed!

Shoe dyeing has never been so popular! Brides tend not to want to compromise on personal details and individuality is key on your wedding day. Whether you’re dyeing your shoes for your ‘something blue’ or dyeing them for future wear following your wedding, the Freya Rose Bespoke shoe dyeing service can assist you.

Various Freya Rose styles can be dyed and are made to look beautiful with a new colour and a fresh lease of life! For example, our signature Mother of Pearl heel is highly durable and looks incredibly vivacious against darker colours such as black or blue. Dyeing the satin transforms the otherwise bridal heels into stunning, versatile evening or special occasion footwear that can be worn for years to come!

dyedshoesFreya Rose wedding shoe ‘Libby’ dyed Saphire Blue, Emerald Green and Dragon Red.

If you would like the option of transforming your wedding shoes after the big day, you should opt for an ivory silk that is dyeable. All of our shoes are made in the finest duchess ivory silk and come with a swatch for you to test for dying if required. Any Freya Rose Duchess Silk shoes can be dyed to the colour of your choice – our professional shoe dyeing service is completed by expertly hand mixing shades and perfectionist shoe dyeing ensures a match every time.

We also have an extensive collection of hand made shoe clips, decorations and hand embroidery which can be used for customisation, creating entirely unique wedding shoes.

Blue_8827Freya Rose wedding shoe ‘Libby’ dyed Saphire Blue

Green_8819Freya Rose wedding shoe ‘Libby’ dyed Emerald Green

Please keep in mind – satin can be cleaned using a soft, slightly damp cloth after the big day and left to dry naturally but spray protection should not be used on shoes if you wish to dye them!

For further shoe dyeing inspiration, the team at Freya Rose have put together a ‘A Bold Freya Rose Bride’ Pinterest Board, showcasing bold bridal style ideas for your wedding day.

To find out more about our customisation and dyeing service, please book an appointment or email us at info@freyarose.com.