Hand Embroidery Service

Freya Rose is renowned for her inspirational designs and intricate hand embroidery, applied by her diligent craftsmen from her London studio. Her inherent use of bejeweled and embroidered designs relates to her childhood.  Born into a family of fine jewelers, she was consistently surrounded by and exposed to creative artistic references and inspiration.


Freya Rose has spent years traveling the world to source the finest and most luxurious materials and components including sumptuous Italian silks and leathers, delicate French Chantilly lace, lustrous fresh groundwater pearls and iridescent Mother of Pearl.Shoes are hand embellished after the shoe has been created.  This is a complicated process requiring highly skilled craftsmen to embroid rare and unusual materials to the edge of the piping right down to the feather-edge of the sole, making these true couture works of art.


The elaborate detail and opulence of her designs has led to some of the finest couture shoes produced for women internationally, with an unrivalled level of comfort. Freya Rose designs are acclaimed for their ethereal quality.  Unique styles are made with the uppers from lace or organza, without leather linings in order to create an eminently feminine design.


Our hand embroidery service is carried out at our London studios and showroom where you can view the different techniques and materials tailored to your specifications.


Freya Rose Professional Shoe Dyeing

All Freya Rose Duchess Silk shoes can be dyed to the colour of your choice. Whether it’s ‘something blue’, you want to match your wedding theme, or even dyeing the shoes after the wedding so they can be worn again. Our professional shoe dyeing service is completed by expertly hand mixing shades to make a perfect colour match.


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