Jenny Packham 2016 Bridal Collection

Jenny Packham has just launched her 2016 Bridal Campaign, which was debuted at New York Bridal Fashion Week in April. This was by far one of our favourite collections from NYBW as we felt the gowns would be the perfect match for Freya Rose shoes.

The collection is inspired by the characters of Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and features romantically sculpted corsetry and cascading silk chiffon. Appliqué organza blooms, crystal foliage motifs and delicate floral lace celebrate the lavish artistry of nature, while opulent velvet bows add texture as well as evoking shades of summer. Swarovski crystals catch the light, adding a whimsical grace to the collection.

Many of our shoes incorporate the same luxury elements Jenny Packham has used in her collection, including intricate gold and silver embroidery, Swarovski crystals and blossom detailing. Our signature Mother of Pear heel is the perfect addition to the ethereal style of this collection.

We have selected four of our favourite gowns and paired them with shoes that compliment their intricate details. jenny1Our luxury Duchess’ silk satin shoe ‘Darling’ is the perfect match for this cascading silk gown by Jenny Packham. The unique crystal heel details compliment the exquisite embellishment on the neckline of this gown extraordinarily.

jenny4Our limited edition ‘Ennis’ shoe adds a glimmer of gold to this crystal-embroidered gown. This shoe lends itself perfectly to the entire Jenny Packham collection, with its celestial beauty and opulence.

jenny3This ethereal gown by Jenny Packham and our ‘Carla Bloom’ shoe are a match made in Heaven! Made with Ivory Duchess silk and the finest French Chantilly lace, the detail of this shoe is divine and ties in flawlessly with the celestial theme of this collection.

jenny2Finished with small pieces of lace, fresh water pearls and Swarovski crystals, our ‘Fairy Dust Couture’ shoe compliments this delicate lace gown perfectly. It also features the signature Freya Rose Mother of Pearl heel, adding a unique touch of luxury to this wedding outfit.

You can see Jenny Packham’s full 2016 Bridal Collection at