Kate Moss donates her Freya Rose heels to the Small Steps Project’s Charity Auction

The Small Steps Project is a charity providing emergency aid, shoes and food to children and communities living on municipal rubbish dumps around the world, as well as providing support for these children to take steps into education and adults into employment.

They do this fantastic work through making documentary films and organising campaigns (like the Celebrity Shoe Auction) which boost awareness of this often overlooked global situation, and raise the money to help those in need.

Small Steps Project celebrity shoe auction


The charity began in 2010, and the Small Steps Project Celebrity Shoe Auction has since quickly become the biggest in the world!

Over 200 celebrities have donated their signed shoes to this amazing charity, For the 2017 7th annual Celebrity Shoe Auction, big names donating include Kate Moss, Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman, Emma Watson, SIA and Joan Smalls.

Bidding begins November 1st – 21st 2017.

This year the ever-generous British supermodel and fashion icon Kate Moss, who has consecutively donated to the charity since it’s beginning, has donated a pair of our beautiful Freya Rose Micola Noir heels, both signed ‘Love Kate’. 

Kate – who has a love for Freya Rose as a staple brand in her own wardrobe – has kindly donated her gorgeous shoes to the charity this year.  Micola Noir is a timeless and elegant heel, displaying lavish black suede with a sultry grey Mother of Pearl mosaic heel.

Kate Moss donates her Freya Rose shoes to celebrity shoe auction Kate Moss donates Freya Rose shoes to celebrity shoe auction

“I have been donating shoes to Small Steps Project from the beginning of their campaign to raise funds for the barefooted children living and working in landfill sites all over the world. Their work is incredibly important!” – Kate Moss


Bidding begins November 1st – 21st 2017.

You can follow the auction online through #CelebrityShoeAuction and here on our blog.




Kate Moss was spotted earlier in the year wearing Freya rose ‘Kate petite Red‘ suede shoulder bag.