Choosing Shoes For A Spring Wedding

It is important when choosing your wedding shoes to consider the season you are marrying in. Spring is upon us, such a beautiful time to have a wedding. Spring weddings are all about pretty yellows, greens and classic ivories. If your wedding is here in the UK the weather can be a bit temperamental at this time of year so you will need to choose a shoe that accommodates for this. You will probably be choosing a venue that suits the British weather but you should still consider that you would probably be having photographs taken outside so your shoes should be prepared for this!

Freya Rose style ‘Mio’

Being that Spring is the transitional season you don’t really have to worry too much about being too hot or too cold, so when choosing your shoes you can pick something to your exact specifications. You would be fine to wear an open sandal or a covered toe style; I would recommend however that you buy heel protectors. Brands such as ‘Clean Heels’ are great – they are a small invention that you put on your heel to stop you from sinking into the grass! The signature Freya Rose Mother of Pearl Heel is great for grassy conditions as it can be easily cleaned. Mother of Pearl is an extremely beautiful and surprisingly durable material – perfect for bridal shoes, as you don’t want to be worrying about damaging your pretty shoes on your wedding day.

Image of Freya Rose style Lisa, back shot

Freya Rose style ‘Lisa’ with mother of pearl heel

 Spring is all about flowers, nature and growth so it would be suited to incorporate this into your shoes. Choosing a style that has floral details and embellishments would look especially pretty. Also, pastel colours or subtle metallic’s as well as the traditional ivory could look really great. Having a little pop of colour under your gown looks fabulous! You could tie your shoes with your colour scheme and flower arrangements just for that extra little bit of detail.

Image of Freya Rose Ennis with gold mirror leather and opulent gold rose detail

Freya Rose style ‘Ennis’

Brides usually purchase their shoes after selecting their gown (unless they are a ‘shoeaholic’ like myself!) – the shoes are then coordinated with the textures, colours and details of the gown. Traditional lace, which is perfect for spring, combined with floral and pearl embellishments are very beautiful. If your gown is heavily embellished you may want to opt for a more simplistic style of shoe, perhaps with a muted metallic tone.

Image of Freya Rose style Reiki, embellished with pearls and hand embroidered, pair shot

Freya Rose style ‘Reiki’

Your bridal shoes really are the most important shoes you will ever wear, so even though it is very important to consider the season you are marrying in, don’t be afraid to have a little fun. Choose a style that you love, could possibly wear again and that you feel amazing in.

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