Freya Rose, The Story So Far…

Freya Rose ‘Mara’ couture shoes

‘Whether plain or ornamented, the shoe, by its form and decoration, becomes an object of art.’ (Bossan, 2007)

There is something in shoes and the world of shoe design that is truly magical. I love what I do. I am inspired, I discover and I create. Every part of the process of designing a collection is a unique experience. I meet the most interesting, creative and inspiring people. I am blessed.

Freya Rose as a brand evolved from my love and desire for shoe design and everything it takes to make a beautiful shoe – a passion and fascination for material, embroidery, ornamentation and craftsmanship.

This journey began from a young age as I was born into a family of jewellers. I was consistently surrounded by creativity and artistic references which pushed me to go on and study an Art Foundation course. Initially, I studied this to enable me to go on and do the make up course at London College of Fashion. However, this course exposed me to a spectrum of media and became particularly drawn to sculpture and fashion textiles. I wanted then to study a subject that incorporated these two art forms – the Shoe & Accessory design course at the London College of Fashion was a perfect fit.

Barbara Tipple Southsea store

Since embarking on my BA, I have never looked back. The world of shoe design gives me constant inspiration to learn and develop. Shoes are what drives me creatively and the history surrounding them forever fascinates me.

After graduating I worked as a shoe designer for many years, where I learnt so much about the industry. Even though I loved shoe designing, I wanted to go travelling for a little while. I travelled around South America, which was an amazing experience. Here my vision became clear that I wanted to apply my experience and creativity to set up my own brand. So when I returned back, the brand ‘Freya Rose’ was created.

Image of campaign shoot for Freya Rose shoes style Lisa, peep toe wedding shoes worn with reiki headband for wedding inspiration

Today Freya Rose is renowned for specialising in couture bridal and occasion shoes offering a bespoke shoe design service and unique hand embroidery, which is done in our London studio.

My passion for delivering high levels of quality and craftsmanship means the shoes are hand crafted to exceptional standards and the finest materials are hand picked and sourced by me from around the world. I now live between London and my home in Southsea, Hampshire with my three-year-old son. It’s refreshing to be able to work in two such contrasting locations.

I homed in on the Bridal design industry in particular. The shoes a bride wears on her wedding day are the most important pair of shoes she will ever wear. Being able to design and deliver such an important shoe is an amazing feeling. Bridal shoes and my love of hand embroidery go perfectly hand in hand so this allows me to express my creativity to its full. In bridal design there are no rules or trends to adhere to, I can stay true to my own inspirations, delving into an ethereal and magical paradise. Designing for just one day of someone’s life in mind – that is truly unique.

My love for precious materials and craftsmanship is incorporated into all my work. I am always researching techniques, whether they are traditional or new, of how to incorporate precious elements into my work to make my shoes ornate and timeless. It was important to myself that the brand embodied everything I value; hand craftsmanship, beautiful materials and impeccable service. By offering my customers a couture customisation service they are taking my designs and adding something a little of their own, with my guidance of course.

Every bride is unique so her wedding shoes should be too.

The shoe has a profound significance in the history of civilisation and art revealing signs of social status, occupation and taste. –They lift our posture and our spirit. There is so much substance to the world of shoes, I often wonder do we wear the shoes or do they wear us?

The aim of this blog is to share with you, my world of couture shoe & accessory design. I wish to share with you, my Freya Rose journey but also my personal journey of discovery.

I hope you enjoy reading as much as I love writing.

Freya Rose X

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Bibliography :  Bossan, M, 2007. The Art of the Shoe . 1st ed. London: Grange Books.