Trending Now: Shoe Clips

Image of Freya Rose Shoe clips for blog post

Looking for something to add that extra hint of glamour to your new shoes? Look no further than the Freya Rose shoe clips; consisting of sumptuous Swarovski crystals, delicate silks and vintage gold leaf and pearl.



Aurora is delicately handmade with water based clay and intricately hand painted with opulent real gold leaf.


Image of Freya Rose shoe clips style Aurora with gold flower rose for bridal shoes



Kelly is made with the finest Swarovski crystals and set in imitation rhodium plated metal.

Image of Freya Rose shoe clip style Kelly



Gardinia is hand-embellished with Swarovski crystals and fresh water pearls.

Image of Freya Rose shoe clips style Gardinia for bridal shoes with floral embellishments and fresh water pearls

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