We are now on Wolf and Badger!

We are pleased to announce that Freya Rose is now stocked online by Wolf and Badger.


Have you always been interested in fashion?

I have always been inspired by both the arts and travel.  Naturally these of course both greatly influence fashion. However, I was particularly drawn to sculpture and textiles, which inspired my degree course at university. Shoes fuse all of these sculptural and artistic elements together and are not just fashion; they are objects of art and they have a transformative impact on people.

What have been the highest and lowest points on your journey so far?

When I see inspiring and influential women wearing my designs. Rihanna, Kate Moss and Olivia Palermo have all recently worn my collection and it feels empowering to think that women who have the pick of any design house in the world select my designs based on the integrity of the shoe design and quality. I also genuinely get excited seeing people wear my shoes at events and when customers’ announce that they have found their ‘dream shoes’. I had one customer who named her Head Table at her wedding Freya Rose then called her daughter Freya Rose!

My lowest moment was whilst pregnant; my father, who lived with me, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. It was tough to keep positive and to keep the business going through such a devastating time. His strength and positivity will always inspire me. My little girl arriving provided a lot of sunshine and motivation after such a difficult time.

What are the morals you run your brand by?

I feel passionately about creating a brand that inspires from a design perspective and my brand philosophy is to create unique designs instilled with timelessness and a consistent approach to the highest levels of quality and craftsmanship. My designs are completely traceable and I have worked with the same artisanal craftsmen in Spain (who have learnt their trade over generations), since my label launched.


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