Should I choose White or Ivory Wedding Shoes - What's difference?

Should I choose White or Ivory Wedding Shoes - What's difference?

Ivory and white wedding shoes differ primarily in their colour tone and how they complement the wedding attire and overall colour scheme. Here's a detailed breakdown of the differences:

Colour Tone

Freya Rose White Leather Wedding Shoes

With our white block heel wedding shoes we can often describe their colour as a pure white. These white shoes have a crisp, clean look and even though the colour white is often associated with a more traditional and classic bridal look, our white leather provides a more unique and modern look to your bridal ensemble.
Our Jasmine White Boots offer a modern look, allowing brides to personalise their wedding day using a touch of their own unique style with our wedding boots. 
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If you like a classical silhouette, Zara White is always a beautiful peep toe choice to opt for. They are elegant while also unique with the brass pearl design and leather upper. 
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Ivory Suede Wedding Shoes:

Ivory shades can be describes as an off-white tone that can have either cooler hues or warm hues. These block heel wedding shoes such as our GiGi Ivory are perfect for dress wear that have a softer feel. 
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Our Freya heels are another Ivory suede option we offer, however these wedding shoes are a stiletto heel rather than the block heel that GiGi offers to allow brides to have a varied choice of whatever heel style they prefer.
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Choosing the Right Shade

White leather can create a striking contrast and stand out more while giving a polished and elegant look with your ensemble. While Ivory wedding shoes can offer a more subtle and softer look as the shade can create an overall harmonious appearance.
The colour of the main dress wear is a significant factor when choosing which shade you would like. If the main statement is pure white, white shoes will blend seamlessly. For other clothes that are ivory or have warm undertones, ivory shoes are typically a better match.
However don't let this deter you as some brides may prefer the look of ivory shoes even if they have a white dress, especially if the overall theme or décor of the wedding leans towards warmer tones while others may prefer white leather heels with warmer tones to create more of a statement. So it really is up to personal preferences!
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We hope this has helped highlight the differences between the Ivory and White wedding shoes.

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