Best Selling Wedding Shoes: Must Have Designer Wedding Shoes

Best Selling Wedding Shoes: Must Have Designer Wedding Shoes

 Meet our best selling designer wedding shoes: a curated selection of must-have designer footwear that promises to elevate every bride's special day. From classic elegance to contemporary chic, our handpicked range embodies the epitome of style, luxury, and comfort. Step into sophistication with our iconic pearl heel wedding shoes, each pair meticulously crafted to complement your bridal ensemble flawlessly.


Gigi is our most iconic pearl heel wedding shoe, it was made for brides who love classic yet luxurious elements within their bridal ensemble. Our Gigi is a beautiful ivory shimmer suede wedding shoe with our timeless pearl heel as a feature within its block heel. Gigi is a must have designer wedding shoe due to its versatile design, you are able to wear this far beyond your wedding day,  it is the perfect designer wedding shoes for all occasions. Despite its classical look, you are still able to make a statement when stepping into your future with these wedding shoes due to the unique handcrafted pearl heels which captivate any guests with a glimpse.

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Styling Gigi

Our Freya Rose bride Julie, has styled them for her special day with a stunning classical wedding gown. She has perfectly encapsulated a modern yet elegant look within her bridal attire. Our Gigi wedding shoe helped to capture the intimate atmosphere of their wedding through the heels' timeless aura. Our designer wedding shoes are truly a treasurable piece which can be cherished for many years after her wedding day.

The gorgeous imagery by @thedelauras on Instagram


Flora is a beautiful Iconic heel of ours, it is a unique wedding shoe which compliments all brides looking for the perfect spring designer wedding shoe. The floral details within the pearl heel is hand crafted to the utmost precision by our artisan jewellers, perfectly encapsulating floral essences within the heel. The synergy between the flowered heel and the tie up straps create an absolute treasure of a wedding shoe for outdoor weddings during the clearer months. 

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Styling Flora

In a styled shoot our Floras were showcased beautifully throughout different imagery, showing they are exquisite wearable works of art. In the below photo you can see how the ivory shimmer suede material compliments the white dress while also still making a statement as a designer wedding shoe. They are a perfect example of a hidden treasure as the moment you see them under the dress you would be instantly allured by the romantic floral pearl designs within the wedding shoes.

Photography by @emily_jayne_weddings & @laurajaynephotographer on Instagram

Martene Midi

For brides who want our signature pearl heels but prefer a lower heel, our Martene Midi wedding shoes would be perfect. We understand that not everyone often wears heels which is why we offer some of our iconic pearl wedding shoes with a smaller heel height for the brides who want comfort on their big day. These heels offer a graceful lift without sacrificing ease, making them the perfect choice for brides seeking both style and practicality. With our Martene Midi wedding shoe, you can confidently navigate through every moment of your wedding, from walking down the aisle to dancing the night away, you don't need to sacrifice your comfort.

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Martene Midi Styled 

A gorgeous way of styling these wedding shoe would be with a shorter dress. Our Martene Midi pearl heels paired with a dress that has a slit or a dress that sits just below the knee creates undeniable balance all while showcasing your unique style and comfort. The shorter dress design allows you to move freely, while our lower heeled wedding shoes effortlessly enhance stature without sacrificing ease. It is a perfect combination for those brides prioritising ease and comfort on their special day.


Martene Midi's sister heel is our Iconic Martene, a mid-block pearl heel wedding shoe. This is a beautiful designer wedding shoe which is part of our Iconic collection, Martene is a luxurious champagne shimmer suede and mirrored leather shoe featuring the Freya Rose signature pearl heels. These are timeless wedding shoes fit for all brides, our Martene wedding shoes can be worn for all different types of events far beyond your special day due to the universal colour scheme.

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Martene Styled

Our Freya Rose bride Chaya has paired our Martene wedding shoes with a flowing white gown, this creates a seamless harmony of style and grace. The beautiful simplicity of the gown accentuates the intricate detailing of the heels, while the heels elevate the bride's ensemble with understated sophistication.

Photographer - Kelly Lemon @kellylemon on Instagram


Another of our favourite 'must have designer wedding shoe' is our Rozu Pearl Heel. This pearl heel is perfect for any bride who is looking for a unique wedding shoe, while Rozu has all of our typical Freya Rose elements such as a pearl heel and timeless aura, there is one stand out feature of our Rozu wedding shoes that make them perfect for showing a brides unique personality. The detailing on this pearl heel includes special brass element, hand crafted by our artisan jewellers you can see a floral jewelled heel within the pearl heel.

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Styling Rozu

A real Freya Rose bride Sara-jane has styled our Rozu wedding heels exquisitely. She has matched the unique floral detailing in our pearl heel to her beautiful wedding gowns detailing. In the below photo we can see how she has used our Freya Rose wedding shoes to create synergy within her floral bridal ensemble and her nature surroundings - she has truly created goregous photos to treasure forever from her special day. 


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