Best Dressed Celebs at the Oscars 2024: Hollywood Glamour Inspired Occasion Jewellery

Best Dressed Celebs at the Oscars 2024: Hollywood Glamour Inspired Occasion Jewellery

The red carpet is where every thread, every stitch, and every sparkle tells a story of elegance and sophistication. As the curtains draw on the most prestigious red carpet event of the year, The Oscars, we find ourselves immersed in a whirlwind of breath-taking fashion moments and crystal jewellery that epitomize Hollywood glamour. At Freya Rose, we not only celebrate the artistry of couture but also pay homage to the exquisite fashion statements of the A-list celebrities who grace the silver screen and beyond.

Our Favourite Trends:

Among the myriad of fashion statements that graced the red carpet, two trends stood out with timeless allure to us: classic monochrome and silver embellished adornments. The marriage of black and white in chic ensembles evoked a sense of sophistication reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour, while silver embellishments added a touch of celestial radiance to the already star-studded affair. 
Discover the exquisite world of occasion jewellery that we would style alongside the Hollywood glitz and glamour of the Oscars 2024.

Classic Monochrome 

See below our favourite Monochrome looks from the red carpet this year and how we would style these iconic stars.

Billie Eilish Dressed In Chanel

Billie Eilish won Best Original Song for 'What Was I Made For? - From The Motion Picture Barbie' and we loved this monochrome look of hers. She seamlessly blended chic with sophistication, if we were to style this look we would add our crystal jewellery, silver petite drops.
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Carey Mulligan Dressed In Balenciaga  

Carey Mulligan was dressed in a gorgeous black and white gown and gloves, she made a beautiful statement in the mermaid style gown. Adorned our with pearl jewellery we think this look could've been elevated to an even further level of Hollywood glam. Baroque pearl earrings convey the look of classical Hollywood glamour and we would choose our Baroque Pearl Mid Drops to pair with this look. 
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Greta Lee Dressed In Loewe

Greta Lee looked stunning as she wore a exquisite design by Loewe on the red carpet this year. We would pair this monochrome gown with our pearl earrings to create a bold gold jewellery statement in our Myla Ivory.
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Emma Stone Dressed In Louis Vuitton

This year on the red carpet Emma Stone was styled in Louis Vuitton as she won 'Best Actress' for her performance in Poor Things. We would style her beautiful dress with our Warrioress Silver Moon Drops to create a softer Hollywood glamour look.
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Silver Embellished Adornments 

See below a round up of our favourite silver embellished looks on the red carpet and how we would style these beautiful stars at Freya Rose.

 Anna Taylor-Joy Dressed In Dior Haute Couture

Anna Taylor-Joy attended the red carpet in a beautifully embellished silver gown. This look paired with our crystal jewellery would create perfectly matched silver synergy through our silver crystal midi drops.

Florence Pugh Dressed in Del Core

Florence Pugh was dressed exquisitely in a chic silver gown adorned with crystals. Styled with our pearl jewellery the bright tones would create a timeless yet elegant look for the red carpet.
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Zendaya Dressed In Armani

Zendaya looked stunning on the red carpet this year in a pale red gown with dark silver embellishments it was a bold statement which showcased Hollywood glamour. A dress like this we would pair with statement earrings such as our Silver Crystal Long drops

Gabrielle Union-Wade Dressed In Carolina Herrera

This silver dress was full of crystal embellishes and Gabrielle Union-Wade wore it beautifully on the Oscars red carpet. When a dress is such a goregous statement piece, subtle pearl jewellery  such as our Silver Hakuro Midi earrings would complement this perfectly.

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