Essential Summer Holiday Jewellery: Light to Pack, Big on Impact

Essential Summer Holiday Jewellery: Light to Pack, Big on Impact

At Freya Rose we believe in elevating your summer escape throughout the use of exquisite jewellery pieces. Whether you need them for relaxing by the pool or need some versatile day to night accessories, we have created a list of our favourite luxe essentials for vacations in these months.


This summer, embrace the vibrant elegance of abalone shell with our Myla Verde's mesmerising oceanic hues, perfect for a beach getaway. If you would like a more delicate touch, opt for mother-of-pearl moon drops that blend sophistication with charm, versatile enough for both day and night ensembles. An alternative option is to stand out with our hand carved rose drops, exuding a tropical vibe with their intricate detailing and artisanal craftsmanship, ideal for exotic destinations. Another versatile pearl jewellery statement is to add a modern twist with our geometric mother-of-pearl earrings, combining clean lines and timeless beauty for a contemporary yet elegant statement. These statement earrings not only transform simple outfits into extraordinary ensembles but also frame your face beautifully, making them the perfect accessory for any holiday occasion.
Myla Verde | Warrioress Moon Drops | Hand Carved Rose Drops | Warrioress Mother Of Pearl Earrings



For those who love a classical pearl jewellery moment, these statement earrings become the perfect accessory for your holiday attire. The delicate shimmer of pearls, paired with intricate gold detailing, adds an air of sophistication and elegance to any outfit. Whether you're enjoying a sunset dinner by the beach or dancing the night away at a resort party, these earrings capture the essence of timeless beauty. Each pair, from the cascading pearl drops to the intricate clusters, offers a unique blend of glamour and grace.

Hakuro Ivory | Mother Of Pearl Pear Drops | Large Baroque Drops | Baroque Pearl Long Drops


As the sun sets and the golden hour casts everything in a warm glow, these statement earrings become the perfect embellishment for your evening holiday outfits. Our crystal jewellery has shimmering gold leaves and sparkling accents that catches the light beautifully. A different option would be our sunrise earrings, they offer a harmonious blend of classic charm and contemporary style. While our geometric armoured drops add a modern, sophisticated edge, ideal for chic evening events. However if you want to make a real golden hour statement, our medallion pearl earrings are perfect, the sunburst-inspired design with dangling pearls evokes a sense of radiant luxury.
Crystal Long Drops Gold | Warrioress Sunrise Earrings | Warrioress Armour Drops | Medallion Earrings 


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