Are designer champagne block heels comfortable to wear?

Are designer champagne block heels comfortable to wear?

Block heels are the perfect way to bring comfort into your wedding styling without compromising on style and our unique champagne wedding shoes that feature our signature mother of pearl designs are perfect to elevate your wedding attire. Our designs are opulent and timeless pieces that can be treasured forever! 
Our designer block heel bridal shoes are made with high-quality kid leather with memory foam soles and a champagne shimmering suede that will ensure that they are comfortable every time you wear your beautiful wedding shoes. For ultimate comfort on your wedding day, we do recommend wearing your shoes around your house in the lead up to the wedding to ensure that the suede has moulded to your feet. The straps can be adjusted on all of our shoes to ensure that they fit your feet securely no matter what tricky terrain you will be walking on for your special day.  Also, don’t forget gel soles, they are a fantastic way to bring comfort to your feet, so you can dance all night long. 
Another important aspect to consider, when you are choosing your comfortable designer wedding shoes, is heel height. Our exquisite champagne wedding shoes are available in a range of heights so you can wear stylish, contemporary wedding shoes that will enhance your bridal attire and leave you feeling confident knowing you can relax and enjoy your special day. Our heels all feature our iconic mosaic mother of pearl designs so you’ll have show-stopping wedding shoes that are wearable works of art no matter what heel height you choose! 
We have put together the ultimate collection of stunning champagne wedding shoes, to help you find your dream iconic designer pearl shoes!


Designer Champagne Low Block Heels 

Martina Midi Champagne and Matina Midi Queen

Our gorgeous low block heels ‘Martina Midi’ are one of bestsellers, and you can understand why with their beautiful contemporary design that brings a modern twist to the traditional wedding shoe. You can also add a touch of sparkle by adding a unique pearl and crystal trim to your champagne wedding shoes.
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Martene Midi

‘Martene Midi Pearl Heels’ are beautiful low block heels, with a heel height of 2.4 inches and a high ankle strap that can be adjusted to ensure comfort throughout your wedding night. Their timeless iconic design will elevate any bridal styling so you will feel special as you walk down the aisle. 
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Designer Champagne Mid Block Heels 

Martene and Martene Queen 

Our mid block heels ‘Martene Pearl Heels’ are made with a beautiful champagne shimmering suede with a high ankle strap sandal design. Our gorgeous champagne shoe features a mother of pearl heel with a heel height of 3.5 inches and we can also embellish these iconic champagne wedding shoes so you can add a touch of glamour to your bridal styling.
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Designer Champagne High Block Heels

Martina and Martina Queen Pearl Heels

‘Martina’ and ‘Martina Queen’ are gorgeous block pearl heel wedding shoes that have a heel height of 4 inches, featuring our signature mother of pearl block heels for a head-turning walk down the aisle. For a unique and a breath-taking finishing touch, you can add our beautiful crystal and pearl embellishment for an extra wow-factor as you walk down the aisle. 
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