Beautiful Designer Wedding Shoes for a Winter Wedding

Beautiful Designer Wedding Shoes for a Winter Wedding

When choosing your perfect wedding shoes for a winter wedding, it is important to consider the weather. It could easily be wet; in an ideal world, there will be a blanket of snow on the ground, and the temperatures are likely to be low. As well as stylish elegance, warmth and comfort is going to be high on your list, and luckily there is no need to compromise on anything as we have the perfect range of winter wedding shoes to suit every style and bride.

Here are Freya's top picks for a winter wedding

Beautiful Designer Bridal Boots

Jade offers a classic stiletto wedding heel in the form of knee-high boots. Simple and playing with no fuss, these gorgeous boots will keep your feet toasty and warm and provides a look of timeless elegance. After your big day, you will be able to wear your boots over and over again as they work well with skirts, trousers and, of course, wedding gowns. The heel is 4 inches, and they have been handcrafted from the softest white leather with memory foam and Kidd leather lining to keep your feet comfortable all day.
Jamelia is our alternative knee-high boot, this time with a block heel giving stability and comfort for a long day on your feet. Again the look is so classic, but nothing more is needed than the softest of white leather that has been handcrafted by our artisan designers. The statement comes in the 2.4-inch block heel, which features the signature mother of pearl and polished brass inlay.
June white wedding boots are perfect for the boho bride who wants to show her authentic self. No matter what the weather, your boots will keep you warm even if there is snow. Stunning plain white leather uppers with inlaid mother-of-pearl and brass detailing to the 2.4-inch block heel make these a stunning choice for many different brides on their big day.
Jasmine White brings a different take to traditional wedding shoes. These gorgeous white leather ankle boots have universal functionality working well with a formal gown or a more contemporary look. These magnificent wedding boots feature our signature inlaid mother of pearl and brass in the 4-inch block heel and are lined with memory foam and Kidd leather to ensure your comfort all day.

Add sparkle with embellished Court bridal shoes

Celina has a classic and timeless look and feel. A stunning satin court bridal shoe with a 4-inch stiletto heel, Celina features beautiful Swarovski crystal detailing across the toe, which has been handcrafted by our artisan designers. These traditional bridal shoes have modern elegance and are available in pale blue or Ivory satin.

Gorgeous Green wedding Shoes

Cher Verde are true statement green bridal shoes; these stunning open-toe sandals have a striking 5.2-inch block heel with a 3 cm platform adding height and creating a talking point. Absolutely unique and finished in soft shimmer green suede, these cross-detail open-toe sandals have our unique statement heel, in this case, a mother of pearl inlaid with abalone and brass; they are reminiscent of the evergreen trees that look so spectacular in winter.

Which one would you wear for your winter wedding? We would love to know in the comments!

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