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Destination Wedding Shoes - The Best Shoes for a Vineyard Wedding

A vineyard wedding is a unique break from traditional wedding locations, but it can be difficult to walk on the soft earthy ground of a vineyard. So, if you’re looking for the right pair of voguish shoes, then you’ve come to the right place. Below are the best shoes for a vineyard wedding to ensure that you look sublime while staying comfortable on your special day.

Champagne heels

Vineyard weddings are best held in autumn because the season is a bit more stable and the fall colours on the leaves and vines would make for a picture-perfect backdrop. With that said, it’s a good idea to wear champagne block heel wedding shoes as part of your ensemble to match the natural beauty of the location. Their colour, falling somewhere between beige and gold, easily adds a hint of grace to your overall bridal fit. Champagne heels are also a versatile piece of footwear that you can match with most wedding dresses and even everyday clothing.
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Bridal boots

If you do plan to have a vineyard wedding in the fall but are concerned about the weather being too chilly for you, why not go for bridal boots? You can opt for either knee-high or ankle-high boots, depending on the length and style of your wedding dress. Either way, bridal boots will keep your feet warm and protected while also going in a different direction from the traditional open- or pointed-toe wedding shoes. That’s how you combine comfort, style, and uniqueness in one pair of shoes.

Block heeled shoes

Block heel wedding shoes are a great choice for a vineyard wedding because they will prevent you from sinking into the ground while helping you feel elevated. Wearing these types of wedding shoes also allows you to easily mingle with your guests and offers excellent ventilation for your feet. If you want to add a touch of subtle sophistication to your overall look, you can opt for a pair with pearl block heels. Shoes or sandals with block heels made from pearls are also easier to clean, giving you a practical advantage on top of a stylish edge. Real bride Ally ore our block shoes 'Gigi' for her gorgeous vineyard wedding. 

Platform sandals

If you want to add a bit more length to your stature, then platform sandals are your best friends. This pick also ensures your comfort as it lessens the pitch on your feet and is the ideal match for an elegant white jumpsuit. Note that platform sandals have varying heel thicknesses, so it’s best to get a pair that has block heels to make it easier for you to walk on grassy or cobbled terrain. As stated, block heel wedding shoes offer great elevation and stability, which you need to ensure that you don’t easily topple over on uneven or soft ground.

Floral wedding shoes

Some may say that floral wedding shoes are a bit on the nose, but they are a timeless classic that you can wear for any occasion. Wear them with a short, modern wedding dress and you are sure to leave a trail of astonished guests while walking down the aisle. Such a pair also offers a feminine and magical touch that enhances the little details of your bridal look.

Suede bridal heels

Suede is a popular material used in many shoes, and for good reasons. This type of leather offers excellent flexibility and softness to help you stay comfortable throughout the big day. It is also breathable, making it ideal for hot weather and outdoor ceremonies. Wedding shoes and sandals made of suede are also easy to break in since the material can easily mold to the shape of your feet.

Black wedding shoes

If you want to be a little more experimental with your wedding attire, why not go all the way with a pair of black wedding shoes? They are an unconventional pick, but such a pair is bound to make a bold statement and will undoubtedly make your bridal ensemble one of the most unique styles out there. Another advantage of black wedding shoes is that they don’t stain easily, making them easier to maintain.

Embellished sandals

Take your walk down the aisle to the next level by donning an opulent pair of meticulously embellished wedding sandals. Crystals, rhinestones, and pearls are among the most popular adornments that grace embellished wedding shoes, usually seen on the ankle or toe strap. Regardless of the type of embellishment they flaunt, these nuptial wears will effortlessly dazzle the ceremony with their gorgeous sparkle.
What makes a simple pair of shoes an ideal choice for any occasion depends on a lot of things, from their overall design to the location where you’ll be wearing them. But no matter how many considerations or factors you put into choosing the right wedding shoes, the perfect pair will always come to you to give you the style and comfort you deserve and make your special day unforgettable.
Written by: Katie Pierce
Photographs by Laurken Kendall

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