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Discover Our Stylish & Comfortable Low Block Pearl Heel Bridal Shoes

Calling all our modern brides-to-be looking for a stylish low block heel!
At Freya Rose we believe every bride deserves to find their dream pair of wedding heels and being wedding worthy doesn't always mean your heels have to be sky-high to make a statement! 
Our two beautiful low block heel wedding shoes,'Martene Midi' and 'Martina Midi', each with their individual style, feature our exquisite signature mother of pearl heels which'll see you standing out from the crowd and feeling the bridal buzz from head to toe! 
Low block heels are the perfect practical, yet fashionable option for your wedding celebrations. Our contemporary design ensures that you feel at ease whilst walking down the aisle and you're guaranteed to make it to the dance floor on the most magical night of your life! 
Forget any worries about tricky surfaces, whether you’re walking hand in hand along the picturesque sand or dancing the night away in a traditional grand reception hall; our sturdy low block heels will give you confidence, knowing that you can relax and enjoy your special day in bridal shoes that you can treasure forever - it's no wonder why our bestseller ‘Martina Midi’ is one of our most popular bridal shoes. They have the 'wow' factor and allows our brides to feel comfortable yet stylish - the compliments you will get from wearing our beautiful handmade mother of pearl heels are like no other!
Shop 'Martina Midi' £445


Looking for a more contemporary low block heel wedding shoe?

We are thrilled to share with you our new low block style ‘Martene Midi’ featuring our signature mother of pearl heels! 'Martene Midi' is an elegant bridal shoe with a feminine and contemporary design that will become the showstopper to any bridal look with their intricately handmade mother of pearl mosaic design. 
Shop 'Martene Midi' £495
The versatility of these mother of pearl jewelled shoes are endless. Wear them for your traditional themed wedding - pearls are the epitome of classic! Or if embracing a more modern bride-to-be style is you thing, the one of a kind statement pearl heel will be the perfect way to bring your attire altogether for an elegant, romantic, but fashionable wedding. 
These exquisite shoes are handmade from shimmering champagne suede featuring our signature mother of pearl heels in our classic and elegant mosaic design. Handcrafted from the finest and most beautiful materials, each pair of our jewelled wedding shoes is intricately crafted by artisans; no two pairs will ever the same. Their timeless design ensures that you can treasure them for years to come - and for our slow-fashion conscious brides the elegant style will see you wearing them again and again long after your wedding day; who wouldn't want a unique wearable work of art? 
You could pair 'Martene Midi' with a classical lace bodice dress or mix it up a little with a stylish wedding jumpsuit! 'Martina Midi' would look amazing paired with a modern romantic floral cross over dress or a gorgeous traditional V-neck wedding dress.
Additionally, as an optional added extra of glam and sparkle, our delicately designed pearl and crystal embellishments are a great way to enhance your low block heels for an eye-catching walk down the aisle- what a way to feel special on your wedding day! 
Shop our gorgeous ‘Martina Midi Queen’ an exquisite embellished low block heel bridal shoe! 
Shop 'Martina Midi Queen' £545

You can also pair these ultimate low block heels with some of our timeless bridal jewellery! Our recommendations are ‘Baroque Pearl Long Drops’ for a more classic traditional wedding, ‘Hakuro Ivory Mother of Pearl Long Drops’ for a romantic modern bride to be.
Shop 'Baroque Pearl Long Drops' £148.50
Shop 'Hakuro Ivory Mother Of Pearl Long Drops' £148.50

Let us know what your favourite low block heel is!

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