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Do Wedding Shoes Have To Be White?

Wondering whether your wedding shoes have to be white? Let us show you the different bridal shoes you can wear that aren't...

Popularised by Queen Victoria herself, who wore a white lace gown, it was not always the norm to wear white on your wedding day but given her influence, we quickly saw this trend come to life amongst brides everywhere. One of the most influential white weddings to date, is said to be the union of the Prince of Wales, Charles, and Diana Spencer. With this, a western tradition was born whilst many other cultures opt for dressing in traditional cloth and patterns with bold bright colourings, all containing unique meanings embedded in the colour and stitch; usually to wish them good luck in their marriage. 

Over the decades bridal fashion has evolved and we have seen the classic white wedding progress into modern variations of this tradition, by using opulent white tones to create a contemporary bridal look. Whether you are looking for the perfect pair of wedding shoes: to compliment a modern wedding attire or you are keeping to a traditional white affair, your bridal shoes can provide a subtle pop of colour with shades of Champagne, Ivory and Silver for a chic and timeless look! 


Champagne Wedding Shoes 

Champagne wedding shoes are an easy way of keeping a traditional look on your wedding day without having to commit to white ivory tones. The subtlety of the champagne matches perfectly with white, cream and off-white hues of your bridal outfit. Many brides considering champagne bridal shoes, as an easy way to create some contrast between their attire and accessories given them the opportunity to draw attention to particular details of their look like 'Rozu'. Part of the illustrious couture collection, 'Rozu' in a shimmering champagne suede, has an opulent mosaic mother pearl block heel with a polished brass floral motif finish. 


Ivory Leather Shoes  

Soraya’ is a standout shoe amongst our ivory leather wedding shoes designed with an elegant boost of height and flattering bridal tie sandal in mind. The unique floral motif is hand cut and inlaid onto a statement mother of pearl and polished brass block heel. These pearl heels have a contemporary flair about them with a subtle nod to classic white wedding bridal style. 

Ivory Platform Heels 

'Freya’ is a carefully crafted high stiletto heel - reinvented bridal heels worn by Freya on her very own wedding day! Made with a glorious ivory suede with a touch of shimmer detail creates beautiful cross toe strapping for a flattering design with elegant glamour. Achieving a luxurious boost of height, does not mean you have to sacrifice on comfort. Constructed with special memory foam and kid leather lining ensures these are the Ivory platform heels of dreams. 


Silver Bridal Shoes 


Glory’ is characterised by its chunky platform heel design made with genuine sterling silver to create the ultimate metallic silver wedding shoe. Keeping to traditional wedding patterns, the mother of pearl block heel features a contemporary twist on traditional bridal floral motifs. We would suggest this shoe to women looking to achieve an alternative and contemporary bridal style, wanting to push the boundaries of bridal fashion whilst still maintaining a stylish and beautifully unique wedding shoe. ‘Glory’ has had its time down the red carpet ,worn by Naama Preis,  but we can’t help but imagine what they would look like down the aisle…



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