Do's and Dont's for Selecting the Perfect Shoes for Your Wedding

Do's and Dont's for Selecting the Perfect Shoes for Your Wedding

Your wedding footwear is an essential part of creating the perfect bridal look. Together with your veil, hair accessories, and jewellery, shoes complement your dress. They are one of those crucial finishing touches that serve to enhance the finished design. 
Getting the perfect fit is one consideration for wedding footwear that you must not overlook when choosing your bridal shoes in London. Although it's simple to get caught up in how a shoe looks, being comfortable and able to walk is something you really cannot afford to overlook.

Have you ever fallen so in love with a pair of shoes, and yet when you wore them for just ten minutes, you discovered they weren't shoes at all? Instead, they are weapons of torture that exist only to destroy your feet. Take our word for it when we say that you do not want to be distracted on your wedding day because your shoes are uncomfortable and squashing your toes, creating blisters on your heel, and generally making you feel miserable. No matter how beautiful they are, no shoe is worth that pain.

Dos and Don'ts for Wedding Shoes 

What we have is a delicate balance of comfort versus personal style and the perfect look. Getting married is exciting, and shoes should not stand between you and your big day, so here is a list of things we have compiled that all brides should do or not do when searching for the perfect pair of designer bridal shoes to complement their style without causing them to have to hobble off into the sunset

Be True to Who You Are

 Embracing your unique personality is something you definitely need to do when putting together your bridal outfit for your big day. Allow your personality to shine through, and make sure that each and every piece you choose confuses you with joy and excitement. Your shoes, dress, veil and every part of your outfit for the day should leave you eager with anticipation, longing for your wedding day and happy to see this incarnation of you immortalised forever in your wedding photos.  We have seen brides get married in trainers, Doc Martens, welly boots, and so many other styles of footwear because that is who they really are. If you want to wear boots, wear boots; if you want towering heels, then, by all means, choose them. The day is yours, and you have the right to shine.
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Don't Choose Discomfort

Beauty starts from deep within, and everything you project to the world comes from how you feel inside. Your shoes should not be the cause of pain etched across your face on your happiest day. Our fabulous handmade designer shoes bring comfort, and also that amazing look that perfectly compliments your dress. Take the time to try on your shoes, walk up and down the room, stand for a while and see how they feel. 
Remember you will be on your feet for a large portion of the day, addressing your guests, smiling in pictures, and of course, the all-important first dance where all eyes will be on you. Don't allow uncomfortable shoes to ruin any of these magical moments; there are plenty of pro tips for getting even more comfort, including gel insoles, heel protectors and more. So get the most comfortable heels you can find, and take advice from our wedding shoe experts.

It is also a myth that you can break in shoes; the best shoes will feel comfortable from the moment you slip them on. Of course, you can still practice wearing them at home before your big day, but if they are uncomfortable to start with, you are unlikely to be able to rectify this by wearing them more. It is better to find something that feels comfortable from the moment you try them on.

Try On Your Dress and Shoes Together 

This might sound really obvious but with Internet shopping you'd be surprised how many brides never actually try on the dress and shoes together until it's too late to make any changes. Although you have an idea in your head, when you see the dress with the shoes you thought you wanted, it may not work as you hoped. If you fall in love with a perfect pair of shoes you may need to tweak your dress plans so give yourself plenty of time and try on several different gowns to find that Cinderella, fairy-tale look.
It is also important that you have your shoes before you make any alterations to the length of your dress as the height of your heels will change how it looks. You don't want to find that you are tripping over your dress all day, spending the day wishing it was just that bit longer.

Shoe Embellishments are Quite Important

Whether you choose a plain bridal shoe or something more flamboyant you can always change the look to make it totally unique. Our handcrafted artisan designs come with many embellishments, including mother-of-pearl and inlaid brass. Some of the designs feature pearl beading finishes to straps, and you can always add or subtract to make something totally your own. It is fair to say that some dresses will pair perfectly with plain satin shoes, whereas others could benefit from the bling and shimmer of Swarovski crystals. Understanding the fact that all of our brides are unique has driven us to create a fantastic collection of plain and embellished wedding shoes so that you can find the perfect look and feel.

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Consider Two Pairs of Shoes

Who says the bride cannot change her shoes halfway through the day? Many people opt for two different pairs of shoes, simply because they have fallen in love with more than one design. It could also work in your favour from a functional point of view. The lower block heel is perfect to walk on uneven surfaces such as grass, sand or cobbles making it the ideal choice for the walk down the aisle and the endless photos with all your relatives and friends. The towering heels that you simply cannot resist will make you look totally stunning on the dance floor later in the day, really set off the first dance, and don't worry if you end up barefoot by the end of the evening; 90% of the females on the guest list will be doing the same.
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Don’t Leave Shoes Until the Last Moment

Give yourself plenty of time to find your perfect pair of shoes. We are quite sure most people are going to spend months shopping and planning for their wedding day but just in case a gentle reminder not to leave shoe shopping until the last moment. Being prepared and having time to tweak plans is the best way to ensure that everything runs smoothly on the big day. Be sure to try on many different shoes so you can see what works best with your address, it doesn't matter if you try on over 100 pairs the main thing is finding the perfect shoe for your dress. All that remains is for you to enjoy your big day when you finally get to say ‘I do.’
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