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Freya Rose's Top 10 Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Shoes

1 - Choose a design you love. 

It is the biggest day of your life. Shoes are the sculpture that will not only hold you but your soul and your spirit. Every girl feels special in beautiful heels. Shoes can easily be stored forever to love, cherish and remind you of your special day.

Image of Freya Rose style Reiki, embellished with pearls and hand embroidered, pair shot 3 - Consider the heel height and toe shape you are looking for.  In our classic collection we offer something that will suit everybody concentrating on fit, line contour being flattering and sexy. Once you have the right shape, you can than think of customising and having details added. Choose a heel height you feel comfortable in and a shoe shape you would usually wear. 4 - Shoe clips are a fantastic way of adding detail to your shoes.  Not only will they last forever and can be added to other shoes, you can decide where you want to put them on the shoe. You can also exchange your clips for example adding a more glitzy clip for your dinner and dance so it appears you have two different pairs of shoes. Image of Freya Rose shoe clips style Beatrice Fan for vintage bridal shoes with fresh water pearls and Swarovski crystals 5 - Consider the season or climate you will be getting married in.  Open sling backs are better if you are getting married in a hotter climate and peep toes are good all year around. The Emma Shoes are perfect if you are getting married on a beach as they are a flat peep toe style, made with the finest French Chantilly lace so very breathable. It's advisable to wear an unlined shoe if you are getting married in a hot climate, such as  Ophelia  or Tahiti Lace. If you will be wearing your heels on a grassy or muddy surface be aware they might get stained. Consider the mother of pearl heel that is not only stunningly beautiful but also is sustainable and can be easily cleaned. A great way to stop your heels sinking into grassy surfaces is to use heel protectors. Clean Heels are a perfect solution for this and come in a variety of sizes to suit your shoes. Image of Freya Rose style Caira with mother of pearl heel, ivory wedding shoes 6 - Consider the design of your dress.  If you are having a lot of details maybe opt for small subtle details on your shoes, such as pearl buttons and mother of pearl heels. If you have special material on your dress maybe think of using the material and having a bespoke clip made of it. 7 - Think of what jewellery and accessories you will be wearing.  For example, if you are wearing pearls or diamonds, shoes with details that have a similar look can complete your look. Our Beatrice Shoe Clips combine both crystals and fresh water pearls and complement most jewellery. 8 - Wear your shoes a few times beforehand so they mould to your foot shape.  Ensure your shoes come with extra padding for comfort, and come with a protective plastic film on the sole so it will not get marked or damaged which should be removed before your special day. 9 - Don't leave them until last!  Brides often focus purely on the wedding dress and leave the shoes until the last minute. Aim to choose your shoes around the same time as your dress - you'll need to bring them to fittings to determine the length of your gown. 10 - Treat your feet!  Remember to schedule a lovely pedicure before your big day. Slip your feet into your gorgeous wedding shoes with soft skin, neat cuticles and glossily painted nails.   Here at Freya Rose, we offer an appointment service where you can have our undivided attention. We will find out about your style direction, your dress selection and aesthetic to assist you in finding the perfect pair of shoes. If you can't make it to our showroom why not have a stylist consultation over the phone. Our expert guidance will give you creative styling ideas, reassurance and advice on choosing your designer shoes and accessories. Click here to book your appointment! Freya Rose X

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