How to Style White Ankle Boots for Your Wedding

How to Style White Ankle Boots for Your Wedding

Winter weddings are perfect for creating a fairy-tale story with plenty of visual appeals. Seeing the popularity of wedding boots, UK designers have gone all out to create some of the most gorgeous designs. Now we might be a little bit biased. We have to say that both our June and Jasmine boots are the perfect designer white ankle boots for your winter wedding.
Not only do white leather ankle boots make the perfect accompaniment to many different styles of down, but they have a practical aspect of keeping your toes toasty on a cold winter day. They are also fantastically comfortable, and all of our boots are lined with special memory foam and kid leather to ensure you are good to stand and dance and chat and socialise all day long. We know how important your wedding day is, and winter wedding boots are perfect for creating the finishing touches to your dream look.

Classical, Timeless Design with a Twist

Both of our stunning white wedding ankle boots are classically designed with a soft Ivory leather top and a hidden secret in the heel. Our signature styling is a gorgeous mother-of-pearl inlay that is set in a fabulous mosaic pattern all around the block heel of both these pairs of boots. These white leather ankle boots are handcrafted in Spain, and a limited number of pairs are made each year to keep them perfectly special.

Wear with Any Wedding Outfit

Another great thing about boots for winter weddings is their versatility. You can style them with a floor-length gown, trouser suit, or a mini or midi skirt. They make the perfect addition to a contemporary, traditional or boho wedding day and the beauty of white ankle boots is that you can wear them again and again. Even after your wonderful day is over, you can wear your boots with many other outfits for evening and day events. The ornate and eye-catching heel will be on display with most outfits and is sure to gain plenty of attention and many compliments, as the mother-of-pearl detailing catches the light and is simply stunning.

June or Jasmine?

Deciding between the two gorgeous styles of boots we have on offer can be tricky, but it mostly comes down to the heel height. Block heels are fantastic for long days on your feet, as they put slightly less strain on your ankles than a stiletto heel. June white pearl heel ankle boots has a 2.4-inch mini heel keeping you close to the ground and a small polished brass band between the heel and body of the shoe.
On the other hand, Jasmine white mother of pearl ankle boots has a towering heel, giving you a stunning 4 inches of extra height. The Jasmine white ankle boots heel has mother-of-pearl inlay just the same as June, but halfway up, an additional band of polished brass creates a unique and stunning look and feel. Both ankle boots have a side zip to make it easy to get them on and off.

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