How Will Different Freya Rose Wedding Shoes Complement You?

How Will Different Freya Rose Wedding Shoes Complement You?

Choosing the perfect shoes for your wedding is a chance to let your personality and style shine through. You can add that wow factor to your outfit and create your dream look. Designer Wedding shoes are very special because of their uniqueness. Whether you are the beautiful bride, one of her maids of honour or just a guest, every dress and look can be enhanced with the perfect shoe. 

Why are Wedding Shoes important?

Every woman knows that a great pair of shoes can make an outfit, and finding the perfect shoe adds beauty, grace, and confidence. Designer wedding shoes are the finishing touch and guarantee you turn heads for all the right reasons. 

Many brides start planning their dream wedding before they even meet Mr or Miss Right, and you know, when you see it, the perfect shoe will stand out from the rest.

How different shoes can compliment you?

Freya Rose has curated a stunning collection of wedding shoes which differ in colour, design, features, and style. Most of our shoes come in ivory, champagne, blue or black, and each offers something unique to complement your look and enhance your beauty


The first consideration is the look; we have many different styles to complete a contemporary bride, a traditional look or something more boho that perfectly conveys your own unique look and feel. This is your big day, a once-in-a-lifetime event, so it is worth taking the time to find that perfect shoe. 

Our ivory wedding shoes are like freshly fallen snow, pure and untouched. Ivory is timeless and complements many styles of gown; it never goes out of fashion when it comes to bridal wear. We have worked to craft a range of unique shoes from low block heels to tall and towering and interspersed these with cute flower designs, mother of pearl and even polished brass inlay to ensure your shoes really complement you. 
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Our champagne wedding shoes are perfect if you want to step away from the traditions of white. The designers have carried the mother of pearl theme into the range, with strappy sandals, a choice of heel height and even pearl trims. 
Our blue wedding shoes make it easy to get your something new and something blue taken care of. The subtle muted blue is so delicate and beautiful that it will go with many different bridal styles and is sure to turn heads on the day.
Martina Midi are our Best Selling Champagne Suede Low Block Heels! 

Our black wedding shoes buck tradition but offer something for the modern contemporary bride who wants a unique out-of-the-box look while still radiating beauty on her big day. Again we have created unusual mother-of-pearl and brass inlay to the heels so you can really stand out from the crowd and make a statement.
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The Freya Rose collection is widely known for its features and designs. The shoes carry the handwork of artisan designers

The ivory wedding shoe collection is our most extensive collection with strappy sandals, closed-toe heels, ankle boots and calf-height boots to suit all looks. It makes use of the mother of pearl finish, and many have straps with delicate pearl finishes to really complete the look. These stunning Ivory offerings go with a traditional dress or something more modern, so no matter what you choose, your perfect shoe is waiting. The designs include: Bonnie, Jasmine, Freya, Zara, Flora, Vienna, Charlie, Chelsea, June, Fefe and Gigi and Martina Midi Ivory.
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Champagne suede weddings shoes offers a range of designs with different heights and includes Martina, Martina MidiMartene, Monica, Martene Midi and Halo Champagne. Almost all the shoes in this collection have beautiful mother-of-pearl heels, with the exception of the outstanding Halo, which has its own delightful glitter ball nestled in the stiletto heel.
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Small but perfectly formed blue wedding shoe collection has just three designs Celina, Celine, and Charlie. Charlie is finished in stunning pale blue duchess satin silk and needs no embellishment chooser perfection. Celine has a gorgeous Swarovski crystal decoration on the back of the stiletto heels. Celina has the same excellent Swarovski crystal design, this time delicately styled across the toe.
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If you are looking for an alternative but stunning black wedding shoe, we offer four different styles. Zahra Noir has a block heel with mother-of-pearl and brass inlaid. Rose in Bloom Noir brings you a flower design inlaid with mother-of-pearl and brass up the heel, and Cleopatra has an outstanding art deco design crafted on the stiletto heel.


Every shoe carries essence. The footwear you choose reflects who you are, your personality, dreams and desires. That is why we all have different likes and dislikes, and you will be drawn to the perfect shoe for you. According to colour psychology the choice of dreidel shoe could reflect the following. 

The ivory colour wedding shoe colour is traditional and shows you have a romantic side that loves the dream of your wedding day. It speaks of innocence and purity and an honest heart.

Champagne shoes are stylish in nature and compete well in the modern fashion era. Those drawn to champagne wedding shoes are said to be self-aware, self-conscious, and playful.

Blue wedding shoes are an elegant choice and bring something unusual to a traditional wedding gown. The contemporary blue suggests happiness and charm.

Black-heeled shoes combine beauty with power. A strong choice for women with strong personalities who are known to their friends as the no-nonsense powerhouse. Those who carry off the black wedding shoe are confident and in charge of every situation.


Freya Rose has a vast collection of wedding shoes that perfectly complement every wedding outfit, from traditional to modern, alternative to boho and everything in between. Whether you choose ivory, champagne, blue or black, our shoes bring luxury and quality to every step you take. They are guaranteed to complement your look on the big day and make you the centre of attention.


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