Match Bridal Pearl Heels with Mother of Pearl Jewellery

Match Bridal Pearl Heels with Mother of Pearl Jewellery

Mother-of-pearl is a beautiful finish that is perfect for bridal shoes and jewellery. Matching tattoo gives you some stunning bridal pearl heels and mother-of-pearl jewellery that perfectly complement each other to create a statement for your big day. Not only do we have some gorgeous mother-of-pearl heels, but we have some beautiful hand-carved jewellery to accompany these stunning timeless heels.

Mother of Pearl Jewellery

The jewellery in our mother-of-pearl collection has been handcrafted with gorgeous seed pearls and mother-of-pearl detailing. We have a beautiful collection of earrings and necklaces that can be mixed and matched and work amazingly well with all mother-of-pearl-healed designer wedding shoes. As well as curating the perfect bridal look, you could also pull your wedding party together by matching your mother-of-pearl jewellery with the mother of the bride, the bridesmaids and the matron of honour. They make a fantastic thank-you gift that your friends and loved ones will treasure forever.
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The Mother of Pearl Heels

We have a superb selection of mother-of-pearl wedding shoes that have been designed to create the perfect look for your big day. These are just a few of our favourites that we are sure you will love.
Perfect for any time of year, the Martina open-toe block heel sandal is a stunning choice. The stunning champagne shimmer suede is offset by the 4-inch block heel that is part of our contemporary jewelled heel collection and inlaid with a gorgeous mother-of-pearl mosaic pattern that creates an eye-catching finish. The upper is breathtakingly simple, with a single band across the toes, and a low ankle buckled strap for a timeless look.
If you love the design but feel that a lower heel would be better for a long day on your feet, then Martina also comes in a midi block heel. The only difference between the two pairs is the heel height, and you still get to show off the gorgeous mosaic mother-of-pearl inlay on the heels. The lower 2.4-inch block heel offers stability for all terrains, so you can rest assured that tackling the churchyard cobbles and the field to the marquee will be effortless. The Martina midi comes in ivory shimmer suede and champagne shimmer suede, giving you plenty of options for creating the perfect match with the rest of your outfit.
Bonnie could be a perfect choice for those who love the true killer heel height. These stunning platform sandals have a classic crossed-toe band and a low ankle strap. The sky-high 5.2-inch block heel really makes the most of the hand-cut iridescent genuine mother-of-pearl, which is hand-set on every limited edition pair that we make.
Flora brings opulence to the table and has delightful flower mother-of-pearl detailing on the 4-inch block heel. There is a single-toe strap with high ankle lacing that will make a statement and turn heads. 
Finally, Fleur is a stunning court shoe high ankle strap block heel design that features beautiful and delicate mother-of-pearl flower detailing handcrafted by our artisan designers to create something truly special.

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