Match Champagne Wedding Shoes with Pearl Jewellery

Match Champagne Wedding Shoes with Pearl Jewellery

For lots of brides creating the perfect look for their big day is all about details. The perfect wedding dress, designer shoes and finished off with gorgeous statement jewellery. Our range of luxury bridal shoes can easily be teamed with stunning mother-of-pearl jewellery for the perfect finished look. Champagne wedding shoes are a popular choice for weddings of all seasons, and pearl jewellery is timeless and not only makes the perfect choice for a bride but could also be used as a thank-you present for your bridesmaids and bridal party. Mother-of-pearl is our signature finish, and because we have detailed in the heels of our shoes, they are absolutely perfect with our pearl jewellery ranges.

Monica and Fleur with Hakuro Ivory

The first collection is the Monica or Fleur shoe, either of which could be teamed with the Hakaru ivory earrings. Monica is our gorgeous champagne shimmer suede court shoe style block heel shoe with a high ankle strap; it has a 4-inch block heel which is inlaid with a stunning mother-of-pearl Ivory mosaic. Fleur offers a very similar look and feel, but this time with a lower 3.4-inch block heel, and the inlaid mother-of-pearl has been carefully sculpted into a glorious flower pattern. Hakaru ivory earrings work perfectly with either of these shoes and feature the tiniest of pearls on a feather-light gold vermeil curb chain. They are hand-beaded tassel earrings with a half-moon mother-of-pearl top.
Shop Our Beautifu Iconic Block Heels 'Monica'
Shop Our Unique Mother of Pearl Heels 'Fleur'
Shop Our Elegant Earrings 'Hakuro Ivory'

Martene and Martina with Baroque Pearl Long Drops

Martene and Martina are closely related as well; both have the single-band open-toe sandal look with a block heel. Martene has a closed back heel leading into a high ankle strap, whereas Martina has an open-heel back with a low ankle strap. Martene has a slightly lower 3.4-inch block heel, whereas Martina has a 4-inch block heel, both of which are finished in our signature mother-of-pearl Mosaic that really catches the eye. We think that both of the shoes would pair well with our Baroque Pearl Long Drop Earrings, designed by our artisan craftsman; they have gorgeous large pearls woven in with the tiniest seed pearls and gold chain to create stunning drop earrings.
Shop Our Showstopping Block Heels 'Martina'
Shop Our Gorgeous Mid Block Heels 'Martene'
Shop Our Dazzling 'Baroque Pearl Long Drops'

 Martene Queen and Martene Midi with Seed Necklace with Baroque Pearl

Sticking with the Martene collection, we also have the Martene Queen and the Martene Midi. Both have the same stunning design, but the Martene Midi is a 2.4-inch lower heel for those who like to be closer to the ground. Martene Queen really is royalty in the making. The same classic design with the closed heal back and high ankle strap, and 3.5-inch block heel but this time, the glorious single band across the toes has been hand decorated with pearls and Swarovski crystal embellishment for an opulent look. These both team well with a seed necklace with a baroque pearl; our beautiful necklace is strong with tiny pearls. If you add to that our baroque pearl charm, you have the most gorgeous and delicate combination that not only teams well with the shoes but could also make the perfect bridesmaid gift.
Shop Our Embellished Block Heels 'Martene Queen'
Shop Our Low Block Heels 'Martina Midi'
Shop 'Seed Necklace With Baroque Pearl Pendant'

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