The Best Champagne Wedding Shoes with Block Heels

The Best Champagne Wedding Shoes with Block Heels

We just can’t stop raving about block-heel wedding shoes! If you are going to spend a lot of the day on your feet, you want something comfortable, but historically this has translated to shoes that put comfort over style and really miss the mark when it comes to generating the wow factor we know our brides want. The block heel is more stable than a stiletto yet more glamorous than the flat, and while we might be biased, we think that our champagne wedding shoes with a block heel smash expectations. Block heels are perfect for grass, sand, and any uneven terrain you may encounter. After all, the last thing you want is to trip and fall with all your family and friends looking on! Here are some of the best block heel wedding shoes we have in our fabulous curated collection. 

Meet Martene

First up is the delightful and enchanting Martene, a classic block heel sandal that has been designed with our signature look mother of pearl mosaic design heel. You will find shimmering champagne suede with a single toe strap and delicate high ankle buckle, and the perfect 3.5-inch heel.
If you feel that killer heels are a challenge too far on your big day, Martene Midi has all the same gorgeous looks and features but comes with the shorter 2.4-inch heel keeping you closer to the ground. It still has the great mosaic heel created from mother of pearl. 
Also in this collection is Martene Queen, who, as the name suggests, has a regal edge. The same gorgeous styling as the others in the range but this time a twist to the suede band that sits over the toes. We have amazing artisans who handcraft delicate freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals, meaning they are totally unique, with no two pairs ever the same. 

Meet Martina 

Martina brings another strappy sandal look to the table with a lower, more classically styled ankle strap. The heel detailing shimmers when it catches the light, thanks to the genuine mother of pearl patterning that we are simply in love with. This is another champagne suede offering which is such a classic bridal colour that it works well with both traditional and modern style gowns. 
If you prefer something a little shorter, Martina Midi is a perfect replica of its taller cousin but has a dinky 2.4 heel. It cuts a gorgeous silhouette but is gentle on the ankles and perfect for a long day on your feet. 

Meet Monica

Our last champagne wedding shoe with a block heel for this roundup is Monica. A closed toe that is pointed delicately and features a sexy drop side cut out for a totally feminine look. It is a court-style shoe with way more class and sass than any you will have seen before. The high ankle buckle and body are made from champagne suede, while the heel features the signature mother of pearl because we think everyone should have the most amazing shoes on their wedding day.
Shop all our exquisite champagne block heel shoes here! 

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