White Bridal Boots: The Perfect Designer Wedding Shoes This Winter

White Bridal Boots: The Perfect Designer Wedding Shoes This Winter

Winter weddings offer a magical backdrop for your special day, with their enchanting ambiance and captivating seasonal spirit. When looking for a pair of designer wedding boots perfect to rise to this occasion we feel there's no better offering than our unique pearl heels. We might be a tad biased, but we can't help but proclaim our ivory wedding boots are some of the most versatile and stunning wedding boots imaginable and here's why...
Not only do our white leather ankle boots effortlessly complement a wide range of bridal styles, but they also bring a practical element to your big day by being a closed shoe; ideal for a frosty winter air celebration. Lined with special memory foam and handmade from a soft kid leather our stylish block heel wedding boots ensure you'll be effortlessly on our feet as we understand other than feeling incredible on your big day, comfort is key!
A Timeless Twist on Classic Design
Our elegant white wedding ankle boots are a classic in design yet statement because of our signature pearl heels. Timeless and magical, every mother-of-pearl heel on our beautiful wedding boots is intricately handcrafted with a mosaic-like inlay around the block heel. Due to their complexity our talented artisans in Bali, can only make a limited amount each year which creates an exclusivity and uniqueness like no other!
Real Bride Cara in June Boots
Versatility That Knows No Bounds
One of the greatest advantages of choosing boots for your winter wedding is their remarkable versatility. They complement contemporary, traditional, and boho wedding themes alike, and the beauty of white ankle boots lies in their post-wedding wearability. Long after your special day has come to a close, you can incorporate these boots into your wardrobe for evening and daytime events. Whether you opt for a floor-length gown, a chic trouser suit, or a trendy mini or midi skirt, these white ankle boots effortlessly elevate your bridal attire and beyond. The ornate and attention-grabbing heel, adorned with exquisite mother-of-pearl detailing, catches the light beautifully and is sure to earn you countless compliments.
Real Bride Kerri in Jasmine White Boots
Finding Your Perfect Heel Height
Choosing between our stunning boot styles can be a delightful dilemma, primarily hinging on heel height. For brides seeking comfort during long days on their feet, our June ankle boots or Jamelia knee high boots feature a modest 2.4-inch mini heel. Adorned in our signature mother-of-pearl and complemented by a small polished brass band between the heel and the shoe's body, these low block heel wedding shoes are contemporary bridal boots for a bride-to-be looking for a statement bridal shoe without the height.
Real Bride Liana wear Jasmine White
On the other hand, our Jasmine white mother of pearl ankle boots or NEW IN Jamie knee high boots are designed to make a statement with their striking 4 inches of extra height. The Jasmine boot boasts the same exquisite mother-of-pearl inlay as June but takes it a step further with an additional band of polished brass and natural coloured mother of pearl, creating a unique and captivating look and feel. Both ankle boots feature a convenient side zip for easy wear whilst our knee high modern bridal boots effortlessly pull on and off.
Styled shoot featuring Freya Rose Bridal Boots Jasmine White and June boots
Explore our entire collection of exquisite bridal boots and discover the perfect pair to make your winter wedding a truly unique to you experience!"


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