Why Choose Green Wedding Shoes for a Winter Wedding?

Why Choose Green Wedding Shoes for a Winter Wedding?

Your wedding day should be a reflection of your personality and character. Not everyone plans a white wedding with an ivory dress and Ivory shoes. Green bridal shoes have increased in popularity, and are simply stunning. They enable you to make a statement and put your authentic self into the heart of your big day. Green wedding shoes are perfect for a winter wedding for many reasons so let's have a look.

Colours of the Season

Winter weddings are often chosen because of the season and the atmosphere that the features bring with them. Many brides dream of a white wedding, and there is snow on the ground with the trees peeking out. Green wedding shoes reflect the trees and pair incredibly well with a champagne or ivory gown.
They are also a perfect choice for a boho or nonconventional wedding dress choice, working well with a full-length gown, trousers or a short dress or skirt. A green velvet cape to protect you from the chill could also work amazingly well with green bridal shoes. Green wedding shoes will provide a talking point and attract many compliments throughout the day. 
Both of our amazing green shoes have a block heel which is also perfect for a wedding day, as it is easier to stand for long periods of time on a block heel rather than a stiletto heel, and it will not sink into the grass or cause you to roll your ankle on uneven surfaces.

Cher Verde Block Pearl Sky-high Heel

The first delightful offering is a platform block heel open-toed sandal. Cher Verde has a gorgeous cross leather cut-out toe, with a low ankle strap and a towering 5.2-inch heel which is balanced nicely with a 3 cm platform. The soft shimmering green suede features our signature jewelled heel. The heel has been handset with ornate mother-of-pearl brass and Abalone to create a statement that is sure to turn heads.

Zahra Verde

For those who prefer a lower block heel but still adore the platform look, then Zahra Verde could be for you. These gorgeous ornate shoes are perfect for a winter wedding with the same soft green shimmer suede with heel detailing. This time it is a 3.5-inch heel with a 3 cm platform keeping you lower to the ground. The same mother of pearl and abalone shell is used to create a gorgeous pattern on the heel, which is different from Cher Verde, accenting the mother of pearl slightly more. These stunning open-toe sandals he the same delightful cross-over open-toe and low ankle strap to create a timeless and elegant look.
Both pairs of green wedding shoes have memory foam and kid leather lining to ensure that a long day on your feet is pain-free; in fact, they are so comfortable that you hardly know you're wearing them.
Both styles are part of our limited 'Regal 54' collections, meaning only 20 pairs are made each year!

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