Why Choose Ivory and Champagne Block-Heel Wedding Shoes?

Why Choose Ivory and Champagne Block-Heel Wedding Shoes?

We will let you into the worst-kept secret in bridal history, so you may already know, but if you don’t, block heels are the best for designer wedding shoes. With that in mind, our stunning collection features champagne wedding shoes and ivory wedding shoes (the two most classic and timeless colours) with delightful and decorative block pearl heels.

Why are block heels perfect for brides? 

Well, the simple answer is stability. Although we like to think that towering stiletto heels are perfect, the truth is many of us can't actually walk in them as elegantly as we would like to, and the last thing you want to do on your wedding day, while all eyes are on you, is take a tumble. Block heels solve the problem, and you can still have towering block heels, mid-height or even low block heels to create the perfect look. Whether you're walking on the cobbled churchyard, strolling across the sand, or heading across a field to the marquee, block heels won't let you down. Here are a few of the choices we have for you.


First, out of the blocks (did you see what we did there) is Martene, a stunning champagne shimmer suede open to a sandal with a block heel. It's a mid-height 3.5-inch and has an attractive genuine mother-of-pearl design around the heel to create a contemporary jewelled look. If you love the design but are a bit worried about the heel height, then have a look at the Martene midi with a diminutive 2.4-inch heel.


Another stunning champagne suede contender is Fleur. The classic court shoe with a mid-block heel and our signature pearled design. The 3.4-inch heel is inlaid with gorgeous mother-of-pearl in a floral design, and there is a delicate high ankle strap to keep your shoes safely in place all day.


Also, in champagne shimmer suede, Flora has a contemporary design with modern lacing that can be tied in many ways up the ankle. There is a single band across the toes, and the heel features our floral mother-of-pearl design and a high 4-inch heel. 


Another 4-inch heel offering is Martina, with shimmering champagne suede, a single band across the toe and a low ankle delicate buckle to secure the shoe. The heel is encrusted with an eye-catching mother of pearl in a mosaic pattern. Martina Midi also comes in a lower-heel version for those who like to be closer to the ground, and if you love the 4-inch heel but think it needs more bling, we couldn't agree more. Martina Queen has fantastic hand-beaded pearls and Swarovski crystals across the toe band to create a stunning look.


If you like the idea of a higher heel but are worried you can't walk well, look at Gigi. This stunning ivory shimmer leather sandal has the signature single-toe band and low ankle strap, a 3.5-inch heel with a 3 cm platform to keep you upright, and our signature jewelled heel.

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