The Signature Mother of Pearl Heel

Freya Rose’s historical knowledge and long-term passion for fine jewellery led to a Mother of Pearl heel becoming the signature of Freya Rose’s exquisite designs. A rare and beautiful natural resource used for generations, its lustrous quality has been a desirable element in jewellery making for thousands of years.Freya_Rose_002Each piece of Mother of Pearl is individually and carefully hand cut, before being applied to the heel with resin. As a material it is exceptionally durable, and used on the heel of the shoe means they will remain clean and unlikely to damage easily. Should you wish to dye your shoes after your wedding, the heel remains intact and looks fabulous contrasted with a darker colour. Each pair of heels are absolutely unique and only a limited number of pairs can be made annually, due to the three day production of a pair. BeFunky Collagereiki“I wanted to incorporate my love, passion and knowledge of the jewellery into the designs of Freya Rose shoes, to create the most desirable, timeless and special shoes for such a precious day.” Designer, Freya Rose.   BeFunky CollageGiven its name in the 15th Century by Queen Elizabeth I, this shimmering natural material experienced vast popularity and was set in gold and silver rings, necklaces and brooches. With origins as a protective stone, Mother of Pearl stimulates a relaxing and calming effect on our emotions, helping our senses to become harmonious and balanced. By incorporating Mother of Pearl into a wedding shoe, it adds ornamental qualities - a pair of shoes you will cherish forever. The Mother of Pearl heel is featured on a variety of Freya Rose bridal shoes but also can be added upon request for bespoke orders. mopClick here to view the full Mother of Pearl Shoe Collection on our website. Book an appointment here to see the Mother of Pearl heels in our showroom. We would love to help you find the perfect pair of bridal shoes and guide you through our bespoke services.