Real Bride Wearing Freya Rose London Designer Wedding White Leather Wedding Ankle Boots with Mother of Pearl Embellished Heel Shoe

How to Style Designer Wedding Boots: Be Inspired by Freya Rose Real Brides

As love weaves its enchanting spell, brides worldwide look to add a touch of extraordinary elegance to their wedding day. Take inspiration from Real Brides styling their Freya Rose Bridal Boots to create unforgettable moments that perfectly complement their unique wedding themes.

The 'Storybook' Bride

Real Bride, Kirstie, selected our ‘Jasmine White’ bridal boots to enhance the theme of her traditional English Rose wedding day in Devon. Handcrafted in soft white leather, these boots were ideally suited for comfort on the gravel terrain. The statement of the Mother of Pearl heel harmonised with her classic, bespoke full-length gown by Caroline Castigliano. And while neither she nor her husband had danced before, the block heel allowed her to dance the night away in style, making it the favourite part of her day.
Envision your own fairytale by customising your designer wedding boots with hand-painted flowers from our ‘Freya Rose X Bertie Valentine’ collection: made-to-order in your colour of choice to fulfil the dreams of your inner child. 

Shop 'Freya Rose X Bertie Valentine' June Pearl Heel

Freya Rose London June White Designer Wedding Boots with a Mother of Pearl statement heel and hand-painted red roses with bronze foil lines coming off them.

Finish your ensemble with our romantic ‘Rose Studs’.

Shop 'Rose Studs' Earrings

Freya Rose London Designer Rose Studs in Gold Vermeil

The 'Golden Hour' Bride

For the free-spirited bride seeking a carefree celebration, emulate Real Bride Samantha, who wore her boots for her adventurous vow renewal in the majestic mountains of South Dakota. Boots are a popular choice for brides-to-be who want to be more active on their day, or just want to make it to the evening without a shoe change! This athletic bride styled a pearl-covered mini dress to compliment her ‘Jasmine White’ pearl-heeled boots, pulling the look together with brass earrings, accentuating her picturesque sunset dream.
Three images side by side. Image 1 is of a married couple on top of a mountain at sunset kissing. Image 2 is of Freya Rose Jasmine White Designer Wedding Boots laying on the side of a mountain for a photo op. Image 3 is of the bride sitting on the top of a mountain at sunset putting on her boots with one foot in the air.
Accessorise your sunset ceremony with the ‘Large 22ct Gold Weave Cuff’ and ‘Gold Weave Mini Hoops with Citrine Charm’ earrings from our ‘Woven for Women’ collection, two unique additions that highlights the best features on any bronzed bride. And feel good knowing that 5% of every sale goes to women supporting initiatives.

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Large Gold Wedding Cuff made out of woven wire on a white background

Shop ‘Gold Weave Mini Hoops with Citrine Charm’

Gold Woven Mini Hoops with Citrine Charm on a white background. Earrings are made out of woven wire.

The 'Wood Nymph' Bride

Soft lace, a flowing silhouette, and lush forest trees intertwined with these white ankle boots: Karri knew the ‘Jasmine White’ boots were perfect for her rustic special day. Inspired by her engagement at her Vermont ski home, Karri played with an adult summer camp theme, adorning her wedding with lantern vases, vintage radios and herself with chunkier heeled boots. She even customised her gown with a freeing slit to reveal her designer wedding boots for all to see.
Immerse yourself in the idyllic nature of the outdoors, matching with our ‘Green Quartz Cross Earrings’.

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The 'Fashion Forward' Bride

Modern brides seeking to make a bold statement, stimulate your senses with Real Bride Liana, who became the epitome of contemporary chic for her old Italian wedding. This jet-setting creative bride chose avant-garde white ankle boots to flawlessly pair with her backless, crocheted wedding dress, adding an unexpected twist of edgy sophistication. Old world meets new as Liana juxtaposed her location at a historic Armenian monastery, a homage to the couple’s heritage, with pearl details on her boots and white cat eye sunnies - Freya would approve!
Looking for a way to break from the norm? Our limited edition ‘Mineko’ pearl heel boots are eye-catching, featuring an elaborate floral jewelled heel, perfect for the brides not afraid to stand out during their reception. Pair with the ‘Hakuro Grey Mother of Pearl and Pearl Long Drops’ and a classic LBD for your high-fashion Black Swan moment.

Shop 'Mineko' Pearl Heel Boots

Shop 'Hakuro Grey Mother of Pearl and Pearl Long Drops'

The 'Boho with a Twist' Bride

Southern belle Desiree’s funky boho theme was dreamt for Pinterest paradise. In the heart of New Orleans, Desiree searched long and hard to find feminine bridal boots for her winter wedding, and landed on Freya Rose’s to adorn her feet. The statement shoes blended with her Rue De Seine Bridal dress, an effortlessly artistic and embroidered gown that accentuated her eclectic style. As Desiree walked down the aisle of the historic 'Hotel Peter and Paul,' her bridal boots did to, followed not far behind by her dog, ring bearer Percy.
Feeling the winter blues? Let Desiree's story inspire you with these knee high ‘Jamelia’ boots on your wedding day to beautifully bare the colder months.

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Season your look our ‘Athena Pale Blue Mother of Pearl Bag’ for your something blue.

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Real Bride Wears Designer Wedding Boots From Freya Rose London

No matter the weather, theme, or bride, you’ll find your heart captivated by the ethereal beauty of Freya Rose’s enchanting craftsmanship. And as boots grow ever more popular with contemporary brides, you do not want to miss out.

How would you style your bridal boots?


Written by Olu Ezeofor


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