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Freya Rose Bride and Her Beautiful Wedding During Covid-19

Freya Rose Bride, Lizzy, chose to go ahead with her wedding rather than postpone due to Covid-19. Lizzy tell us about her special day below...
What made you decide to get married during lockdown?
As we were getting married in the south of France, we had always planned a secret uk wedding. With the postponement of our wedding, we decided to invite family and friends and make more of a day of it! 
Having all of our family around us and being lucky that we are well made us realise that this was the critical component of our wedding. Going through a pandemic you realise the importance of family, my mum had bilateral breast cancer and it was so important for her to have that special day with us! We realised that we were so lucky to have our family and decided that was the most important part of a marriage and wedding. 
How many people attended the wedding?
7 people attended the ceremony, with us 2 additional. In total 9, our parents, Grandparents and Adam's sister, it was crazy, they had to sit so far apart and the photographer had to stand on a sticker and not move!! He said he was in the naughty corner, I can't imagine the work the registry office have had to put in, i even got antibacterial hand gel on my dress in the process! It was all very kind and sweet and the staff were very supportive and we had a lot of laughs with them! 
After the ceremony, 20 of our closest friends and family waited outside to throw confetti, we took a cooler full of prosecco and champagne, some glittery flute glasses and Adam did a speech in the gardens! It was a whirlwind of unknowns as we weren't sure how it was going to work out, but seeing our nearest and dearest after so long was so incredible! 
We did a line up and threw confetti and toasted to health and happiness. 
Was there anything that made it more special having fewer people?
I have been to so many weddings whereby the schedule is tight and the bride and groom don't get a chance to enjoy being together, as we were in a public gardens in the castle and we had dinner prepared at home the entire day just flowed naturally and we got to catch up with friends we hadn't seen for months! 
Was there anything about the rules that made you feel uncomfortable or stressed?
It was extremely scary as we were one of the first weddings to go ahead on the 9th of July, following the relaxing of restrictions. We didn't get our method statement or instructions until the 8th July! So that was extremely worrying, we had all of our suppliers and family on the edges of their seat as we had 24 hours to find out exactly how it was going to work, we followed the concept of what else can go wrong as we'd already postponed our wedding and laughed at the craziness of the whole experience. My mum kept repeating no one is going to forget your wedding darling. 
We also had the wrong date in our wedding rings, which i said i'd like to keep as a memory of the craziness! 
What would your advice be to others who are unsure whether to get married or postpone?
Remember the memories you will get to tell your family and future family, the laughs about your wedding story and that in the end the details don't matter! Make sure you have lots of baths, bubbles and face masks to get you relaxed on the run up and it will all work out, in the end it's about your marriage! Your suppliers will 100% support you. They have been suffering too and working together is so important, Our photographer was incredible and couldn't have supported us any more with lipstick passing, dress holding and he was under strict instructions to look after my freya rose shoes and take lots of pictures! 
Wedding Dress - Monsoon Bridal 
Wedding Alterations and Design @PetitVersaillesnewark 
Photographer - James Morris - @photographybyjamesmorris 
Registry Office & Caste Grounds, The Gilstrap Registry Office and Newark Castle 
watches - Tag heuer  
Hair piece - Liberty in Love
Hairdresser - HairByHim
Makeup- Charlotte Tilbury 
Flowers - My incredibly talented mother Danielle Buck
Shoes: 'Martina' by Freya Rose
You can shop 'Martina' by clicking here.

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