Rustic Romance Themed Canadian Wedding: Real Bride, Alanna, Wears Beautiful Low Block Heel Weddings Shoes 'Martina Midi Champagne'

Rustic Romance Themed Canadian Wedding: Real Bride, Alanna, Wears Beautiful Low Block Heel Weddings Shoes 'Martina Midi Champagne'

Real bride, Alanna, looks truly stunning in our  low block heel wedding shoes, Martina Midi in the colour Champagne, for her beautiful Canadian wedding. 

Couple’s Story

Alanna and Andrew Young met at work where they were both colleagues and friends for around a year. Finally when the timing was right, they went on their first date - indulging in tacos and cocktails! Alanna describes their relationship as feeling “so easy and natural” and that it didn’t take them long to realise that what they had together was something incredibly special. 7 years later and they are now happily married whilst still being each other’s best friends!

Location: Langdon Hall, Cambridge ON (Canada)

Alanna and Andrew’s wedding day took place on the 26th of August 2022. Their theme was Rustic Romance and the beautiful couple made their ceremony unique and personal as they crafted it themselves with their own officiant and vows. They also performed a unity ritual where water and soil were added to a rose bush that is now planted in their new home, adding that extra memorable touch. 

Dress Is Designed By Alexandra Greeco

Alanna’s beautifully fitting dress is perfect for the “Rustic Romance” theme. The elegant, flowing, fitted train is stunningly embroidered to match the low-cut back that frames the bride perfectly. Furthermore, this gorgeous dress reflects a classic look whilst complimenting the elegance of Freya Rose’s signature jewelled, Mother of Pearl heels. Alanna chose the Martina Midi champagne shimmer suede shoes as she was searching for something both “classic” and “timeless” that would feel romantic but not over the top. Alanna also described them as extremely comfortable wedding shoes as she quoted that she “wore them all day and night and danced the night away in them”. The Mother of Pearl, block heel wedding shoes also matched Alanna’s pearl jewellery which tied her wedding day look together perfectly whilst making her feel incredibly special.
Martina Midi Champagne - Shop the style
The Martina Midi low block heel wedding shoes have a 2.4 inch heel with a leather sole and a special memory foam and kid leather lining. They also feature a champagne shimmering suede alongside the Freya Rose signature jewelled pearl heels (with genuine Mother of Pearl) - the perfect balance of comfort and style. What makes these stunning heels so versatile is that they can be paired with multiple colours, outfits, and accessories whilst still tying an outfit together perfectly. They also hold the ability to be worn again and again, remaining timeless. 

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

The Bridesmaids are each in gowns that become gradually darker in shade from a baby pink shade to a darker dusty rose colour. This perfectly resembles the alternating colours and tones within the bride’s bouquet. The groomsmen on the other hand, are each in blue suits that match the grooms’. This adds to the classical feel of the wedding and it also shows a beautiful contrast between warm and cool tones making for a stunning collection of photographs. 

Re-wearable Shoes To Stand The Test Of Time

Alanna says that she has already re-worn her Martina Midi block heel wedding shoes as she describes them as being “so versatile” and looking “beautiful”with her rust coloured dress that she wore to another wedding. She also states that they are now her “go to shoes for any event”!

Alanna’s Advice For Future brides

“Make sure you sneak away for some moments with just your partner, we snuck away to the garden during cocktail hour to toast to us now being husband and wife!”
 Written by Annabelle Wolstencroft

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