Real Bride, Kirstie, Wears Our Exquisite White Bridal Boots 'Jasmine' For UK Wedding

Real Bride, Kirstie, Wears Our Exquisite White Bridal Boots 'Jasmine' For UK Wedding

Real bride, Kirstie, wears our gorgeous 'Jasmine White' bridal boots for her two gorgeous UK wedding ceremonies, one in London and one in Devon! 

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Jasmine White is a Unique Pointed Ankle Boot with Ornate Mother of Pearl Heel, expertly inlaid with Polished Brass. Handcrafted in Soft White Leather. Jasmine White is a beautifully wearable day-to-night boot, or a statement piece for the highly fashionable bride.

Couple Story

We met during our first year at university in Edinburgh. Max and I were in the same friend group throughout university but only started dating in the final term of our last year. We both moved back to London after University and we got engaged in July 2019 after five years together. Max proposed to me at the pergola in Hampstead Heath. We originally planned to marry in December 2020. We postponed our Devon wedding to December 2021 and decided to get married in the meantime at Chelsea Old Town Hall. Unfortunately we also had to postpone that three times due to lockdowns so we finally married on 27th November 2021 at Chelsea Town Hall with our parents and witnesses. Our Devon wedding took place a few weeks later on the 11th December with 80 of our friends and family present.

Wedding date

Max and Kirstie were married on the 27th November 2021 in London, and on the 11th December 2021 Devon
They were married at Anran at Tidwell Farm, Landscove, Devon. "Max found the venue, we didn't have a location in mind but wanted somewhere indoors which felt more open so we were looking for a conservatory or glasshouse -the glasshouse at Anran is spectacular! The venue also has a beautiful farmhouse and courtyard bedrooms so all of the wedding party and immediate family stayed the weekend. We planned a full weekend with a casual welcome dinner for guests staying at the venue on the Friday evening. The Saturday was a blessing in the beautiful St Matthew's Church just up the road followed by an outdoor drinks reception under a stretch marquee in the courtyard where we served canapes and mulled cider, and then dinner and dancing in the Glasshouse. On the Sunday we had a more casual brunch also in the glasshouse - it was perfect!"

Wedding outfit designer’s

"I loved both of my outfits. The dress and cape were made by Caroline Castigliano - it was my dream dress, the cape was covered in beads and sequins which really caught the candlelight in the church, and the dress was based off a current design with a bespoke bodice and neckline which they designed for me. I had seen a similar neckline elsewhere but I knew I wanted a Castigliano dress."
"My London outfit was a Sassi Holford top with trousers which I purchased from The Wedding Gallery which unfortunately went into administration in 2020 - they were their own brand so I nearly didn't get those. And of course, my Freya Rose boots which I wore to both weddings (and have already worn since!). I also last minute purchased a faux fur jacket from Sandro because it was freezing on the 27th November!"

Why you chose Freya Rose shoes

"As the Devon venue was mostly gravel, I knew that I needed a block heel which it turns out is quite hard to find for beautiful bridal shoes. I hadn't considered boots until I found the Jasmine boots at Freya Rose and it totally clicked with the vibe of both weddings. Plus I knew they would be so comfortable, and warm! The detailing in the mother of pearl heels made them incredibly special too."

Any fun details about your unique day

"My favourite part of the day was our first dance. Neither of us have ever danced or had lessons, and we booked a course of lessons at Wimbledon Dance Academy. We had chosen our song already - You Send Me, the Aretha Franklin version - and they choreographed it for us. It was so nerve-wracking and we had definitely not practiced enough, but as soon as we stepped onto the dance floor, it all seemed so natural, and we had so much fun, it also felt like it was really just the two of us, even though we were in front of everyone. Otherwise, the best part was having different events over the three days which meant that we got to see and speak to everyone, and we didn't feel so much pressure to fit all of that in on the Saturday."
"Our London wedding was also absolutely incredible, with only us, four parents, one brother and our two best friends (who were maid of honour and best man in Devon), it was amazing to be able to totally focus on what we were doing, and the choice we were making that day. On that day we married at Chelsea Old Town Hall, then had a private area for lunch at Fifty Cheyne Walk, followed by cocktails in the bar at The Goring where I had stayed the night before, and Max and I were staying that night."

Any advice for future brides

"I think all brides from 2020 and 2021 have had quite unique experiences which I hope don't continue to effect future brides. One of the best things that we did was hire a wedding planner, the wonderful Chenai from By Chenai Events. We were lucky that our budget stretched to that and it was particularly amazing given all of the postponements and rearranging with suppliers. Our venue was also a complete dry hire which meant everything, from napkins to chairs had to be ordered in by us."
Kistie also adds "I would also say don't feel guilty if certain things are really important to you. For example, I was so nervous about having someone do my hair and makeup that I hired a makeup artist who had done one of my best friends' weddings in London, and she travelled to Devon for me. It's little things like that which I found really reduced my stress in the run up to the big day. It may seem silly to other people, but it made a huge difference to me."
"Finally, buy comfortable shoes! I didn't want to sacrifice style for comfort so the Jasmine boots were absolutely perfect. Although the heel was so high, the extra support and warmth they gave me meant that I could dance in them all night!"


"I am absolutely in love with my Freya Rose Jasmine boots. Despite the high heel, they are so comfortable and I was able to wear them for ten hours straight of walking around and dancing on my wedding day. The white leather also held up so well and there's barely a sign that they've ever been worn. The mother of pearl heel is gorgeous and a complete showstopper, I'm just sad you couldn't see more of them with my wedding dress. I have already worn them again on my honeymoon over Christmas, and will continue to wear them for years to come!"

Would you wear Jasmine White for your special wedding day? 

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