South Dakota Wedding, Real Bride, Samantha, Wears 'Jasmine' Pearl Heel Bridal Boots For Vow Renewal

South Dakota Wedding, Real Bride, Samantha, Wears 'Jasmine' Pearl Heel Bridal Boots For Vow Renewal

On 8/31/12 and 8/31/22 Samantha and Thomas got married at Badlands National park in South Dakota, USA. Samantha wore our gorgeous 'Jasmine' pearl heel ankle boots for their vow renewal. She paired her boots with a  playful mini coated in sequined dress with sheer sleeves - the boots effortlessly compliment her overall bridal look!
Meet the shoes 'Jasmine White' Pearl Heel Ankle Boots

Couple Story

"Thomas and I met in 2012 while both training as full time athletes, in Olympic Weightlifting! We were 24 and he was from Nebraska, myself from Florida, and we met in Louisiana. There was an instant undeniable chemistry, and he asked me to move with him to Wyoming where he was taking a job, after just under a month of dating. I went! We met in February, engaged in June, and married in august, from meeting to married in 6 months! So this elopement was our 10 year anniversary where we decided to renew our vows. 24 to 34 is a big difference, we’ve grown so much and anytime our love was trying to growing apart, we purposefully chose to make sure we continued to grow together. This vow renewal was a celebration of just how far we’ve come in ten years, and intentionally choosing one another again."

Dress designer

"I actually found this dress new with tags on a second hand site! I had seen it originally from BHLDN, but from a season ago and from a special collection, but was no longer being sold. But I was determined to find it! The designer, Forever That Girl, the playful mini coated in sequins and pearly beads with voluminous sheer sleeves."

Why you chose Freya Rose shoes?

"From the moment I saw the mother of pearl and brass heel, I knew they were the ones! There was literally no other boot or alternative that would do. These were my absolute “have to have them”. Pearls on my dress, my perfect boots with mother of pearl, and I pulled it all together with handmade mother of pearl and brass earrings from Aleishla Jewelry."

Fun details about your unique day

"This was a camping trip as well, so getting ready was quite the adventure. I’m a stylist for hair and makeup, so we stopped at the nearest town to the park entrance so I could use a restaurants restroom and do my own hair and makeup! Once we got there we had to hike in a little to the overview, as it was sunset with lots of people around! We found a big rock to get changed behind and then to a spot to read our vows. Because we were already legally married, we decided on no officiant and to keep it as sacred and intimate as possible. Just the two of us, and a trusted friend who is the most amazing photographer. Shivyon @outwestjh"

Do you have plans to re-wear your Freya Rose heels? And if so, how do you envision styling them?

"Absolutely! Those boots paired with jeans and a crop any day!"

Would you wear 'Jasmine White' ankle boots for your wedding day?

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