Real Brides Style File - Boho Bride Desiree Wears Freya Rose 'Jasmine White' Bridal Boots - Freya Rose

Real Brides Style File - Boho Bride Desiree Wears Freya Rose 'Jasmine White' Bridal Boots

Join us as we take a look at Desiree and Alex’s dream boho wedding, wearing Freya Rose London’s ‘Jasmine White’ bridal boots.

With special thanks to Desiree and Alex for sending us their pictures, as well as Linka Odom Photography for capturing them.

bridal white ankle boots

How they Met.

Desiree first met Alex at a bar in the French Quarter of New Orleans. First impressions count - the first thing Desiree noticed about Alex? The hole in the shoulder of his shirt. She thought it looked "pretty awful," but kept talking to him. That evening, they ended up in the famous Frenchman Street of New Orleans, but didn’t hit it off straightaway.

When Alex kissed her goodnight, ”all she could think about was the hole in his shirt.” It was another six months before she agreed to go out with him again. Four years later, and with all holes patched up, Alex proposed to Desiree.

bridal white ankle boots jasmine white
The bride and groom pictured on their wedding day in a stunning boho dress, (and a crisp hole-less suit.)
leather white ankle boots freya rose london

The Bridal Shoes: Why Desiree Chose Freya Rose ‘Jasmine White’ Boots.

“The style is so fun and yet elegant, just like my dress.” Desiree knew she wanted to wear white boots as her winter wedding took place in December. Desiree  “loved the that the boot looked feminine and the heel was a statement piece. I find it hard to find a pair of shoes that make my feet look good. I finally pulled the trigger a month before my wedding because no other shoe could replace the vision I had.”

pearl heel white boots freya rose london
Desiree also chose our ‘Jasmine White’ ivory leather boots because of their versatility. As well as opulent bridal boots, they also suit after dark. “They fit my style perfectly. I still wear them whenever I have the opportunity.”

The Wedding Dress.

Desiree chose a boho bridal dress from Rue De Seine Bridal. The “high neck gown is an effortlessly cool style, with long sleeves and an open back...simple, trendy and timeless. “

The silk and cotton dress is a seriously stunning bridal gown, and paired with our ‘Jasmine White,’ white bridal boots, Desiree’s look is a convincing argument to permanently eschew classic gowns in favour of boho wedding dresses and shoes.

white wedding bridal heels designer

Location, location, location: The Wedding Venue.

Desiree and Alex stayed at the ‘Hotel Peter and Paul,’ built in 1861. Only a short walk from the French Quarter where they first met, the New Orleans hotel was a perfect place to celebrate their union. The hotel is a restored church, schoolhouse, and convent, featuring classical and opulent interior design.

Desiree and Alex’s eye for detail is obvious when looking at all of the elements that made this wedding so special - from the dress, to the bridal boots, and the gorgeous backdrop of the city where they met.

white bridal heels designer leather freya rose london

Advice for Future Bohemian Brides.

“Try to not get too attached to certain elements of the day. Many changes may have to be made and some people won’t be able to attend. So just remember, the day is all about you two and celebrating the love you have for one another.”

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