Must-have Baroque Pearl Earrings

Must-have Baroque Pearl Earrings

Baroque pearls have long been known as having powerful properties that attract prosperity. A popular gemstone that has been associated with "success" and "good luck”, since they are considered one of the most precious gems ever discovered!  
At Freya Rose, the precious materials used to create its distinctive jewellery collection are sourced in the same process as our jewelled heels that have signature mother of pearl heels - they are ethically sourced for fashion that takes responsibility and recognises the environment. 
The skilled craftspeople and jewellers in Bali, Indonesia use a variety of ancestral techniques to make beautiful jewelled pieces that are meaningful and contribute to preserving their craft for years to come. Freya Rose has been working with the same families in Eastern Indonesia for over 12 years with hours of carefully skilled work put in by the Freya Rose jewellers over the decade, for a sumptuous end product.
Baroque pearls are not perfectly round or uniform but that is the true charm about these types of pearls - they exude a natural beauty and have an 'imperfectly' perfect air about them - Read on for some of the popular baroque pearl earrings that provide some modern flair to this timeless gem.

Statement Earrings 

Baroque Pearl Long Drops 

These hand-beaded tassel earrings are a favourite amongst brides and women wanting to incorporate unique statement earrings into their wardrobe. 
Being both intricately textured and feather-light to wear, the 22ct gold vermeil chains give a wonderful movement. We believe in wearing pieces that are as naturally beautiful as you with sizeable baroque pearls strung in-between delicate seed pearls, these long drop earrings are opulent and effortless. 

Day-To-Night Hoops  

Mini Hoops with Detachable Baroque Pearls 

If you are after a versatile earring, look no further - these gold mini hoops are the perfect earrings from everyday styling that will see you through to the evening without needing an accessory change. 

Their classic and timeless design means you can wear these hoops to any occasion and they will be sure to match your personal style effortlessly. Featuring detachable freshwater baroque pearls on 22ct gold mini hoops, these Pearl Earrings are durable and stylish!

Perfect Pearl Charm  

Baroque Pearl Pendant 

This iridescent baroque pearl charm is part of our playfully customisable charm collection. This large pearl with a truly organic shape is endlessly versatile and you will find yourself wearing this elegant charm alone or stacking it with other pendants for a unique piece of jewellery!
A detachable option that can be added to our 22ct gold vermeil hoops or even chain pieces for a chic necklace that you can style for day or night occasions.