Crystal Jewellery Guide for Occasion and Bridal Styling

Crystal Jewellery Guide for Occasion and Bridal Styling

Looking for elegant bridal earrings? Or wondering how to accessorise evening wear? Read on for our guide on crystal jewellery and find the perfect bridal earrings!

Crystal jewellery makes for incredible bridal jewellery, as it not only boasts elegance, it is a classic and timeless addition to anybody’s wardrobe. Bridal earrings can be difficult to perfect but our crystal range accommodates to both evening-wear accessorising, as well as bridal styling. 

The Freya Rose collection of crystal jewellery consists of a variety of drop earrings who’s design is inspired by the silhouette of an open flower, every handmade petal catches natural sunlight and artificial lighting beautifully. The lightweight design creates graceful movement that sways along with you, as you dance your night away. Each flower made of cubic zirconia is encased in sterling silver which is then either plated in 22ct gold ,or rose gold vermeil, all with a 3-micron layer to ensure a durable style you can wear to all occasions you desire for years to come. 

Black Crystal Drops 

We have seen the rise of coloured crystal trending in the jewellery world, both on runways and haute couture as designer fashion houses, pair these beautifully coloured crystal pieces to create the most opulent occasion and evening wear styles to replicate. 

Shop 'Gold and Black Crystal Long Drops' 

We always reach for the ‘Gold and Black Crystal Long Drops’ because of their breathtaking sparkle under all kinds of light. The black crystal is encased in sterling silver which is plated in 22ct Gold vermeil, creating a distinctive contrast to make the perfect chic statement earring. As we have seen the rise of celebrations in the past year, these crystal long drops were a clear favourite and are now available for pre-order again! 

Shop 'Petite Black and Rose Gold Crystal Drops'

These effortlessly elegant ‘Petite Black and Rose Gold Crystal Drops’ are the perfect glamorous addition to any evening wear ensemble. These small drop crystal earrings are the perfect length for all sorts of necklines whether you opt for a v plunge or high neck, the movement and lightweight feel of these earrings will match with any wardrobe. 

Silver and Gold Crystal Drops 

Shop 'Silver Crystal Long Drops'

These hand-made earrings are the perfect earrings for the glamorous bride wanting to make a statement without taking away from her bridal outfit. The ‘Silver Crystal Long Drops’ shimmering hues are the complementary sparkle to the traditional bridal tones white and ivory. If you tend to opt for gold jewellery, these incredible earrings have a sister pair the ‘Gold Crystal Long Drops’. 

Shop 'Gold Crystal Long Drops'

With the same level of elegance as the silver drops whilst being a real eye-catching design as the crystal is encased in gold vermeil plated crystal to provide the most lustrous golden shine, as it catches the light. These crystal earrings are easily worn beyond your wedding day, as they suit every occasion you love to dress up for. 

Petite Crystal Drops 


Shop 'Petite Gold Crystal Drops'

Our ‘Petite Gold Crystal Drops’ are the fashion-forward bride favourite! Sticking to the classic crystal pear shape, the open-flower design on the petite version of these drops - transforms these earrings for a cool and contemporary style with a touch of feminine flair. A wearable and stylish design for bridal and evening-wear 


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