Designer Shoes & Jewellery Styling Inspiration For Eid Celebrations

Designer Shoes & Jewellery Styling Inspiration For Eid Celebrations

Eid celebrations are right around the corner, so we have pulled together our best styling inspiration so that you can feel confident and fashionable whilst you celebrate. 
Freya was influenced by the geometric motifs and repeating patterns of Islamic architecture when designing the eye-catching floral motif brass and silver mother of pearl block heels that are featured in the styles ‘Glory’, Soraya’ and Hester’.
Find gorgeous styling inspiration from our divine designer occasion shoes for your Eid celebrations. From striking high block heels to beautiful low block heels we have got you covered - celebrate this holy day by wearing statement shoes and accessories that will make you feel special all day long!

Silver Mother Of Pearl Block Heels 'Glory',  the exquisite one of a kind 'Hakuro Mother of Pearl Long drops' and the glamourous 'Silver Crystal Drops'  

These gorgeous silver mother of pearl floral block heels ‘Glory’ will look effortless complimenting the gorgeous floral details for the ideal Eid styling. Pair this with ‘Hakuro Grey’ to make a show-stopping statement as you celebrate your holy day. Or if you want to add some extra sparkle reach for our 'Silver Crystal Long Drops' - you will feel like royalty! 

Stunning floral motif brass block heel ‘Soraya’, the eye-catching ‘Hand-Carved Mother of Pearl Rose Drops’ and the enchanting 'Hakuro Ivory Mother of Pearl Long Drops'

If you want these floral or pearl details, you can enhance your Eid styling with these beautiful tie up sandals ‘Soraya’, the stunning floral brass and mother of pearl heel will be the ultimate statement as you start your celebrations. Pair them with the floral ‘Hand Carved Mother of Pearl Rose Drops’ or the exquisite ‘Hakuro Ivory’ earrings- your Eid styling will exude feminine flair.

Exquisite brass and Mother Of Pearl block heels 'Hester', the dainty 'Baroque Pearl Long Drops' and the one of a kind 'Pearly Drop Hoops'

If you want to feel comfortable all night long throughout your Eid celebrations then the midi block heel ‘Hester’ is the perfect tie-up sandal for you. The extravagant floral motif brass and mother of pearl heel design will make you feel elegant all day long. These designer shoes can be paired with the classic ‘baroque pearl long drops’ that oozes opulence and charm, or maybe these modern unique pearl design, try our ‘pearly drop hoops’ and stand out from the crowd.

All the team at Freya Rose hope you have a wonderful Eid celebration! We would love to know which Eid styling is your favourite!