Floral Trends At The Met Gala 2024 Get The Look With Our Floral Shoes and Jewellery

Floral Trends At The Met Gala 2024 Get The Look With Our Floral Shoes and Jewellery

On the first Monday of May the Met Gala is held each year, and were excited to see the different ways people had interpreted the themes for the 2024 Met Gala throughout the use of florals.
The official exhibition theme was ‘Sleeping Beauties Reawakening fashion’ but the general theme of the Met Gala was ‘The Garden Of Time’. This was inspired by a story about two people who lived in a secluded villa surrounded by a stunning garden filled with unique, crystalline flowers. However, their paradise is threatened by an approaching mob, prompting the Count to use time-reversing flowers to protect their home. They do this until they are left entangled in thorny plants as their once-beautiful estate lies in ruins. 
We loved the contrast between those who chose the deeper dark short story meaning in comparison to those who chose a prettier floral look, they each created such stunning outfits and we want to show you our favourites from each side and how we would style them.

The Garden Of Time : Storytelling

Lana Del Rey

Starting off strong with Lana Del Rey, she wore a look referencing an iconic Alexander McQueen collection. She had thorns encasing her dress while a sheer nude almost veil covering her face, you can see how the thorns are showing the short story though out her outfit. This outfit was conveying a darker floral side of the thorns beginning to be entangled into her from the ground.
We would style her with our Cleopatra heels and our Hand Carved Rose Drops to maintain a dark yet elegant look.
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Emma Chamberlain

Emma Chamberlain created this beautiful unique gothic look throughout the use of sheers, dark colours and heavy eye makeup. You are able to see how she represents the couple fully entangled in the thorns after trying to save their estate. She looks beautiful in this darker fantasy nature look.
We would pair this look with our Rose In Bloom Noir heels, alongside our Rose Baroque Pearl Drops to show the roses where the thorns are coming from with this stunning gown.
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The Garden Of Time 

Amanda Seyfried 

Amanda Seyfried looked stunning dressed in Prada with her silver gown and floral accents, her hair was dyed a silver blonde ditching her old golden blonde for this look and it made her fit in with the 'Garden Of Time' exquisitely.
We would pair this beautiful ensemble with our Glory Pearl Heels and our Mother Of Pearl Flower studs to subtly elevate her florals.
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Jennifer Lopez

Adorned in champagne accessories Jennifer Lopez wore a beautifully embellished gown on the Met Gala floor this year. Her dress was sheer and structured taking heavy inspiration on the theme 'Garden of Time' with a butterfly wings look throughout her gown.
We would pair this stunning piece with our Rose In Bloom Gold heels and our Hand Carved Rose Drops to create a Bold statement with earrings to match the theme. 
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