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Freya Rose Announces Bertie Valentine

Freya Rose is excited to announce her collaboration with fellow British brand, Bertie Valentine London.
Freya first recognised Bertie Valentine founder Hester Mortimer’s artistic talent six years ago when Hester interned for Freya. Bertie Valentine has since found acclaim for their bespoke, hand-painted designs, and have recently been featured in ‘Way Out Wedding,’ as a stand out service for brides to be.
You can see then, why Freya is so excited to be working with Hester on this collaboration and to be supporting this amazing emerging talent in the bridal world.
One of Freya Rose’s main values when designing shoes is ensuring she is creating something unique that can be really cherished, as well as worn.
Personalised artwork this beautiful and unique had to find its way to a Freya Rose design somehow - as their design ethos was so alike.
As the name ‘Valentine’ suggests, their hand-painted, personalised, embellished accessories are a really romantic addition to a special day. 
Bertie Valentines talented team can paint pretty much any romantic request (a favourite is their incredible bespoke leather jackets painted with amorous floral illustrations.) 
Wearing your heart on your sleeve (or rather jacket,) has never looked so good.
Bertie Valentine London added some stand-out illustration to our ‘Jasmine’ white leather boots with mother of pearl heel, and we love how it turned out. 
Their artists can also add an even more personalised touch so your shoes can mean even more to you. The happy couples names? Place you met? Maybe your favourite animal? And all in a dreamy colour palette with swirling calligraphy. 
If you’re interested in adding even more opulence to a Freya Rose design, bespoke commissions start at £95 pounds. We recommend our ‘Jasmine’ white boots and ‘Zara’ slingback shoes as the perfect luxury canvases for your dream design.