Super Stars and Celestial Details: The Supernova Collection - Freya Rose

Super Stars and Celestial Details: The Supernova Collection

Renowned for stylish, jewelled designer shoes and quality craftsmanship, Freya Rose introduces The Supernova Collection; an celestial collection of shoes inspired by stars, constellations, and the iconic glam-rock superstars of the 70s. Offering platform heels, statement boots and mirror metallic court shoes and sandals, this line creates an edgy level of femininity for the modern woman. 'Roxy' ankle boots in Pewter and White are mosaiced with mother of pearl across the heel giving a multifaceted appearance, whilst shining stars of sterling silver catch the eye and create something lustrous and truly unique. This season, Freya Rose has also introduced colourful, precious abalone shell to designs Roxy Black and Ziggy Black, reflecting the colours of galaxies lightyears away with inlaid stars of brass to add to the sense of vivaciousness. High heels 'Aurora' in Chrome and Champagne, and 'Halo' in Chrome, Champagne and Rose Gold, are embellished with Swarovski crystal details resembling the moons and planets of the solar system. Every component of the shoes is crafted to the finest quality with the most fashionable women in mind. This limited edition collection also features designs that make the most stylish bridal pieces for those seeking unique wedding shoes. Take a look at our celestial themed ready-to-wear and bridal Pinterest boards for your Supernova Collection inspiration! Supernova Collection