The new and glamorous detachable shoe straps - Freya Rose

The new and glamorous detachable shoe straps

Freya Rose has created a new and unique way to enhance your wedding shoes. An exquisite way to add luxurious real jewels to your bridal shoes, our designer detachable shoe straps are finely crafted from fine ivory silk and encrusted with freshwater pearls, cubic zirconias and Swarovski crystals. Whilst they glimmer around your feet, they also add extra support. Pretty and practical, you can see why we’re so excited about them - and after all, you can never have too many jewels.
The detachable shoe straps come in 3 different options; the glamorous and versatile ‘Queen,’ and ‘Princess’ detachable shoe straps can adapt to work for your day and night looks. Pair with your bridal shoes to add an extra touch of opulence down the aisle, or transform your classic day shoes to add extra glamour to your evening look. This timeless and elegant accessory could become the perfect something borrowed for future generations - but for now, it’s definitely the perfect something new.
The third option, 'Detachable Strap' is perfect for those looking for a more chic and minimalist wedding look. Made with ivory silk, they are a perfect subtle way to add a little extra luxury to your shoes, as well as comfort. We recommend pairing with shoes such as our ‘Charlie Ivory’ bridal shoes for extra elegance.  
To make these detachable shoe straps even more versatile, the ivory silk can be dyed to perfectly match your shoes, dress or even bag. Why not keep them classic ivory for your wedding day, and re-invent for the rest of your married life? Wear them with everything from evening gowns to a bridal suit or dress, detachable means freedom!