Spring 2019 Trend Report | Freya's top picks

Spring 2019 Trend Report | Freya's top picks

In Bloom

When it comes to bridal fashion, flowers are always in bloom, as the combination of delicate detailing such as silk flower embroideries make the perfect understated elements to bring otherwise plain dresses to life, this floral trend remains ever popular season after season, but as we approach Spring, designers made a real effort to show us exactly why these romantic floral dresses are so timeless.

Below, L-R: 'Besina Bloom' by Freya Rose, dress by Elie Saab, 'Kelly' shoe clips by Freya Rose, dress by Reem Acra (Barcelona Bridal week '18), 'Fefe Rose' by Freya Rose, dress by Alejandro Resta (Barcelona Bridal Week '18).


The tradition of ‘Something Blue’ is derived from the Old English rhyme denoting the four items a bride should wear or incorporate into their wedding day, the aforementioned blue is said to represent fidelity, love and purity. The custom shows no signs of falling out of fashion with brides continuing to fully embrace the tradition on their special day. If you're not keen on the colour blue there are an abundance of other colours to choose from, such as gorgeous greens and radiant reds.

Below, L-R: Dress by Reem Acra (Barcelona Bridal week '18), 'Lottie' by Freya Rose, Anne Hathaway wears a Valentino Haute Couture dress (Met Gala '18), 'Kate Petite Red' by Freya Rose, Marco & Maria dress (Barcelona Bridal Week '18), 'Courtney Aqua' by Freya Rose, Hikari Mori wears a Prabal Gurung dress (Met Gala '18), 'Chandelier Emerald' by Freya Rose.


Out Of This World

Designers have been fully embracing intergalactic styles each in their own unique ways, from metallic detailing, eccentric shapes and stars, we love these celestial looks,  dresses decorated with glistening metallic detailing are perfect for changing into on your wedding night or catching sunlight in the day. Shimmering metallic and Champagne dresses hit the runways with an aura of glamour, these dresses make for the perfect look to bring a touch of sparkle to weddings of all seasons and can be accessorised in a number of ways to fit the personality of the bride.

Below, L-R: 'Helena' by Freya Rose, dress by Marco & Maria (Barcelona Bridal Week '18), 'Courtney Gold' by Freya Rose, Jasmine Sanders wears an H&M dress (Met Gala '18), 'Martina' by Freya Rose, dress by Wtoo By Watters, Exclusive sneak peak of shoes by Freya Rose, dress by Willowby By Watters, 'Micola Champagne' by Freya Rose, dress by Isabel Zapardiez (Barcelona Bridal Week '18).


Modern Bride

Deviating from the classic white gown and embracing unique styles, colours and materials is proving to be a popular theme amongst bridal designers this season and beyond, an abundance of these unique outfits makes a wedding the opportune time to dress in something as extravagant, sophisticated or colourful as you are. see our blog post on Unique bridal outfits Here.

Below, L-R: dress by Pronovias (Barcelona Bridal Week '18), 'Jasmine White' by Freya Rose, dress by Jesus Peiro (Barcelona Bridal Week '18), 'Charlie Ivory' by Freya Rose, 'Daniel' top, 'Christian' skirt worn over 'Oliver' dress by Halfpenny (New York Bridal Week '18), 'Gabrielle Gold' by Freya Rose.

Featuring Feathers

One of the latest trends to capture our hearts, feathers are back with a vengeance, taking pride of place at recent Spring 2019 shows. An elegant balance of grace and feminity perfectly contrasted with a striking appearance, gowns adorned in feathers definitely boast a head-turning effect! Pair your feathered gowns with a pair of understated yet on-trend shoes.

Below, L-R: 'Chelsea' by Freya Rose, dress by Isabel Zapardiez (Barcelona Bridal Week '18), 'Fefe' by Freya Rose, dress by Marco & Maria (Barcelona Bridal Week '18).


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