What Shoes to Wear to Ascot and The Races

What Shoes to Wear to Ascot and The Races

The Royal Ascot Races are slowly approaching and Freya has personally hand picked her top designer women's shoes for the international horseracing occasion. June is typically a warmer month where people will be opting for sandals however she has also picked out some of our beautiful boots if its cooler weather but you still want to make a stylish statement. 


Our Giselle heels are a beautiful leather block heel with brass accents, the heel shape makes it perfect for grassier terrain as stilettos would risk you sinking into the ground so this type of heel is a good choice to opt for. These are also just exquisite for if you are wanting a strappy sandal but still love our iconic pearl heels.
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Bianca is another pearl heel of ours which would be perfect for those going to the Ascot Races, with the beautiful champagne look you are able to match it to almost anything you wear. The heel on Bianca is a higher block heel for those who prefer a higher heel but still want to be able to walk comfortably on the terrain at the race track.
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For those who enjoy making a statement, our Glory pearl heel would be a great choice to wear to the races. The mirrored leather and pearl heel makes any sort of marks or dirt that gets accumulated on the day to be wiped off with one swipe. Silver is also a versatile colour for outfit palettes, it's increasing in popularity with jewellery in the recent months so why not match your jewellery and heels?
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The month of June is a summer month however, if it is a cooler day at the Ascot Racecourse, opting for a boot is always an option. Jasmine White is an off white leather boot with a beautifully detailed pearl heel with brass accents. They would be perfect to pair with any type of dress or suit to create a modern yet elegant look for the races.
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It may be fitting to wear our June pearl heels for this June event, if you love the look of our jasmiJe but the heel height is a bit too much, we offer this alternate block heel boot. June is a versatile boot that you can wear for many different occasions and never compromise on comfort.
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Martina Midi

However an iconic bestseller of ours we can always recommend is our Martina Midi pearl heels. Suede is a known comfortable material for heels to be made out of so if you add some shoe protectant to your heels to prevent any of the terrain rubbing onto the delicate fabric these are an amazing choice for the race day. Martina Midi can be re-worn again and again for many events. It is a perfect choice of our signature pearl heels on a versatile sandal.
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We hope you love Freya's hand picked favourites for this occasion as much as we do.
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