Why Are Block Heels More Comfortable? Designer Block Heels For Special Occasions

Why Are Block Heels More Comfortable? Designer Block Heels For Special Occasions

If you've found this page, you're probably looking to find confidence in why a designer block heel is the best option for your upcoming occasion.
At Freya Rose, our signature designer women's shoes offer comforting support whilst being unrivalled in beauty and femininity. Contemporary, yet timeless, our collections of designer block heels are versatile and poses a unique sculptural elegance. Explore our versatile range of designer block heels that come in leather, suede, classic colours, and seasonal silhouettes, we guarantee you'll find an exquisite pair of block pearl heels to treasure and wear from day to night!
The larger surface area of block heels help distribute your weight more evenly providing added support which is vital for an occasion shoes that you're going to wear over a long period of time.
It's natural to feel as though a block heel, or any shoe of height, sets you off balance. Due to additional pressure on the backs of our feet when wearing a heel, our bodies move forward which affects how we balance and walk. Discover our top tips below on wearing designer block heels and our favourite styles for the summer season ahead.

Step by step

When wearing a block heel remember - HEEL TO TOE. Your centre of gravity changes when you wear block heels so it's important refrain from putting your whole foot down at once and always maintain good posture.

Lean into it

When wearing heels you may find you naturally walk quicker as you're pushed forward onto the balls of your feet; this can cause you to hunch your neck forward or overly bend your knees to overcompensate for the difference. When walking in designer block heels, counterbalance your tendency to lean forward by leaning back just a little - overtime you'll find it feels more natural and you walking in heels won't ever look unnatural.

Confidence is key

Even if you felt like a star in Wildfire's shoes, it would be good to add a little hip shimmy while walking in an imaginary straight line. Look at your goal point and envision a straight line leading to it. Do not look down when walking in block heels.
Now you've discovered some of our top tips, here's our must have designer block heels for the Summery season ahead.








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