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Are Pearl Earrings Still in Style?

Pearl earrings are a trend that will continue to prosper for years to come - we have seen the pearl rise from the ashes of traditional and robust fashion, to the modern world of statement pearl jewellery and single pearl earrings. A product so versatile and in beautiful shapes and sizes - no wonder pearls are a must-have piece, there are pearls for every person. 

At Freya Rose, we pride ourselves on our lustrous collection of pearl jewellery and its variety including Baroque pearls , freshwater pearls and delicate seed pearls. These precious materials are beautifully handcrafted to allow specially curated earring creations to be brought to life revolutionising the accessory of the century - the pearl.

Find out which must-have pieces we recommend for each pearled to perfection style!


Baroque Pearl Earrings 

Baroque pearls are full of individuality as no two baroque pearls are ever the same. Naturally unique in shape and lustre, these pearls make for the perfect statement earrings because of their size and distinctive style. Baroque pearl earrings are an easy way to make a glamorous finishing touch to any outfit.

Shop 'Hammered Gold Baroque Pearl Earrings' Here - £79


 Shop 'Gold Weave Mini Hoops With Baroque Pearl' Here - £125

Pearl Drop Earrings 

No matter the occasion we love the hand-beaded tassel earrings with baroque pearls and freshwater seed pearls paired with 22ct gold. These beautiful materials make for a lustrous and opulent earring that you can wear as bridal jewellery or as an evening statement earring. Creating beautiful movement as you sway, these eye-catching pearl drop earrings are sure to catch the light and eyes around it perfectly.

Shop 'Pearl and Mother of Pearl Pear Drops' - £95

Shop 'Baroque Pearl Long Drops' Here - £148.50 

Pearl Hoop Earrings 

Hoop earrings have been designed and re-created for decades with a rise in popularity they quickly became an icon for contemporary and modern earring design. Freya Rose decided to incorporate the nouveau flair of hoops with the class of chic seed pearls and freshwater pearls to create intricate pearl hoop earrings for day-to-night wear.

 Shop 'Small Pearly Drop Hoops' Here - £95



 Shop 'Pearly Drop Hoops' Here - £145

Pearl Stud Earrings 

Freshwater pearl studs are where the freya rose jewellery collection began. The chic staple earrings you will find in every woman’s jewellery collection - a real must have. Whilst simple, these earrings are timeless pieces that not only go with everything, they add a touch of class to any outfit. 

 Shop 'Freshwater Pearl and Silver Studs' Here - £45


Shop 'Pink Pearl Drops' Here - £145

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