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Walk Like An Egyptian - Discover Our Jewelled Cleopatra Shoes

Our Cleopatra shimmering black suede platform shoe is a statement shoe from our 2021 capsule collection. 
These unique pearl heels are a marriage of shoes and jewellery and only 20 pairs will ever be made.
Read about the inspiration behind these beautiful designer couture shoes.
An ancient art in itself, shoe design starts with an idea.
Freya was first inspired by a ring given to her by a family friend. The stunning ring is made of green opal, gold, and pearl inlays, and it demands to be noticed. 
Many of Freya designs are a combination of classic shoe design and jewellery, so it isn’t surprising that a piece of jewellery would inspire her next design. 
What’s different about this ring? Large in size, this ring takes up space on the hand. A powerful piece of jewellery, Freya wanted to translate the feeling of power and “taking up space” into her shoe design. The Cleopatra black platform shoe features a tall heel and platform sole. Like the ring, the wearer of these shoes takes up more space and feels powerful. Freya wanted to include the mystery and majesty of the jewels of Egypt into these black designer shoes, something you can clearly see in the final glittering design of these black platform heels.
The ring also inspired Freya to take a look at the concept of Egyptian inspired jewellery. Rich with colour, and also luxury elements, these black suede Cleopatra shoes are fashion-forward shoes that Cleopatra would have worn if she were alive today. Befitting of a queen, these shoes have been lavishly designed for a woman not afraid to be seen.
Women in the time of Ancient Egypt had many more rights than in other cultures and countries of the time. They could own property and were largely seen as equal to men, and although they could not have some important positions, they could still be Pharaohs.
Women were known to manage businesses and were seen as respected. Comparatively, in 1800BC England, women would not have had the same rights as Egyptian women.
For Freya, the idea of women in ancient times having power was a strong part of why she was drawn to the idea of using Ancient Egyptian elements in her designs, as there’s nothing more inspiring than powerful women.
Power is reflected in these black designer shoes. Jewelled with Egyptian favoured green and gold colours, and inset with immaculately cut sections of precious mosaic pearl, these shimmer black suede shoes could bring back the same fervour for Egyptian style as the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb. In fact, we think the discovery of these statement black shoes might be slightly more historic.
Ancient Egyptian jewellery was very colourful, and the most sought after styles consisted of gold and bright gems. Ingenuity and craftsmanship in precious jewellery were essential - an ethos we share at Freya Rose. Jewellery was an important way for Egyptians to get noticed by the gods. They often would wear as much jewellery as they could, as well as the most extravagant jewellery that they could, as this was thought to make them more attractive to the Gods. These black platform heels are the perfect investment piece for the coming months - these daring luxury designer heels reflect the new mood of the world - much like the Ancient Egyptians, we want to be seen, and see others.
Wealthier Egyptians would use precious stones, with lapis lazuli and emeralds being favourites. Emeralds represented immortality and fertility and were a popular material to use. Our ‘Cleopatra,’ shoes feature semi-precious pearl and green abalone shell. 
In our day and age, green is a hopeful colour. Admirers of the green spectrum will appreciate the pop of powerful green on these black designer shoes.  
These shoes carry with them the best fragments of the past, these bejewelled black shoes are a magnificent contemporary homage to Egyptomania, and are wearable works of art.

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