Fashion Week Round Up - Top Trends To Take Away From A/W24 London Fashion Week

Fashion Week Round Up - Top Trends To Take Away From A/W24 London Fashion Week

London fashion week was setting the stones for so many new trends. Showcased throughout the week there were various amazing designers using different trends to their advantages, this is our round up of the best looks set to trend throughout 2024.

Sheer Pretty 

In the realm of fashion trends for Autumn/Winter 2024, the allure of "sheer pretty" emerges as a captivating style narrative. This trend embodies a delicate balance between sensuality and sophistication, as sheer fabrics take centre stage in various runway collections. From diaphanous blouses to ethereal dresses, designers have adeptly incorporated sheer panels and overlays, infusing garments with an air of romanticism and modern femininity. The "sheer pretty" trend offers a fresh interpretation of elegance, where transparency becomes a tool for subtle allure, allowing glimpses of skin while maintaining an aura of refinement. Pairing sheers with pearl jewellery is a perfect way where you can combine two pretty elements to create a timeless and elegant look within the runway. 

Susan Fang
A beautiful way to style these sheers would be with our pearl jewellery they are perfect to complement and elevate the trend. Pearls, with their timeless elegance and understated glamour, serve as the perfect accompaniment to the ethereal nature of sheer fabrics. A string of lustrous pearls delicately draped around the neck adds a touch of sophistication to sheer blouses or dresses, infusing the look with classic charm. Similarly, pearl earrings, whether in the form of simple studs or dangling drops, offer a refined accent that enhances the femininity and gracefulness within this aesthetic. Together, pearl jewellery and sheer fabrics create a harmonious union of classic and contemporary elements, resulting in an ensemble that exudes refined glamour and effortless allure.

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Hues Of Green

Another trend that has captivated designers and audiences alike is the resurgence of "Hues of Green". From deep khaki greens to emeralds and muted moss tones, green has emerged as a dominant colour palette for the upcoming season. Designers have seamlessly incorporated this versatile hue into their creations, offering everything from chic outerwear to elegant evening gowns in various shades of green. Whether it's through luxurious fabrics or intricate embellishments, the versatility of green allows for endless styling possibilities with anything from pearl jewellery to golden accents, making it a must-have trend for fashion enthusiasts looking to make a bold statement this season.
Amidst the array of green hues gracing the runways, our favourite green occasion shoes must be our Paua pearl heels. These designer women's shoes combine sophistication with statements, these enchanting footwear options have become a favourite to make a statement in. The subtle shimmer of the paua shell adds a dash of glamour to any ensemble, effortlessly elevating even the simplest of looks. As fashion continues to evolve, it's clear that embracing our favourite greens, particularly in the form of our designer women's shoes, is a definite way to make a stylish statement this season.


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Maximalist florals

In the realm of fashion, the allure of florals continues to captivate designers and enthusiasts alike, marking a definitive trend for the A/W24 Ready-to-Wear collections. Whether it's the lavish embellishments, jewellery or the bold, oversized floral patterns gracing runways, maximalist florals exude an irresistible charm. These designs effortlessly fuse vibrant hues and intricate detailing, making a bold statement that transcends seasons. Florals add an air of whimsy and romance to any ensemble, showcasing the versatility of this trend.



On the forefront of this floral trend we have our exquisite designer women's shoes with hand crafted floral accents nestled within their pearl heels. These heels seamlessly blend elegance with the flourishing floral trend, offering a sophisticated touch to any outfit. The meticulous craftsmanship behind each pair ensures that every bloom is intricately detailed, making these pearl heels a true work of art.

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